CNET Cell Phone Reviews

Here are a stack of cell phone reviews I wrote for CNET in 2006.

UTStarcom CDM-8945

UTStarcom CDM-180

Samsung VI-A820 (SPH-A820), Sprint

LG VX9800, Verizon

Samsung SPH-A560, Sprint

Samsung PM-A840, Sprint

Nokia 2115i Shorty

Kyocera K10 Royale

Samsung SGH-E335, T-Mobile

LG VX8100, Verizon

LG VX4700, Verizon

Sanyo VI-2300, Sprint

Samsung SCH-N330, Verizon

Motorola i730, Nextel

Sanyo RL2500 (SCP-5400), Sprint

Sanyo RL2000, Sprint

LG VX3100, Verizon

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