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  1. Rob Corelli says:

    Re: Smart Light Bulbs Have A Big Achilles Heel
    I enjoyed the article and have an interesting application. An electrician, who shall remain nameless to protect the truly challenged, wired a stairwell with a combination of low-intensity lights (i.e., theater LEDs low on the stairwell walls) and high-intensity lights (i.e., cans with BR30 floods in the ceiling). He put them all on one three-way switch. The wiring is embedded in walls covered with custom quarter-sawn oak cabinets – infeasible to access. We can have all the lights on at once or having all the lights off at once but we would like to be able to have only the low-intensity lights on as a safety consideration for guests. There is vanishingly little utility in having only the high-intensity lights on. We have Wi-Fi and Android cell phones. What we really want is two smart LED BR30 floods that we can turn off with a wireless wall switch. We will live with whatever state the smart floods are in when they are powered on. What products should we be looking at?

    • Stewart Wolpin says:

      Rob — Unfortunately, I’m not a commercial lighting expert so I’d be of no help to you. I’d suggest contacting a lighting pro, such as Lighting By Gregory here in Manhattan ( – if you’re located in the NY metro area, or the folks at Metro Area Sales (, who work directly with manufacturers from around the country. Good luck!

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