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Most Amazing Robots You Can Buy Now (Or Soon)

A slideshow for Tom’s Guide presenting consumer robots currently available for purchase, which you can view and read here.

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Should You Switch from Wired to Bluetooth Headphones?

A piece I wrote for Slickdeals, which you can read here.

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Best portable power solutions

A piece for BetaNews on portable battery packs. Best portable power solutions

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Bose QuietControl 30 Hands On: Most Advanced In-Ear Phones Ever?

A preview of the new Bose QuietControl 30 Bluetooth/active noise canceling in-ear phones, coming in September, for a site called Gadget Review, which you can read here.

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Is This The Best Wi-Fi Router Ever?

Another Huffington Post post on a new Wi-Fi router called Portal that I can’t wait to try out, which you can read here.

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HP Wants To Re-Invent PCs With New Back-to-School Pavilion Line

Hey, look – actual non-CES news coverage! A recap of HP’s new 2016 back-to-school PC lineup for TWICE.

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8 Takeaways From IFA’s Inaugural CE China Show

I just flew back from China (and boy are my arms tired) from IFA’s inaugural CE China show. You can read my report in TWICE here.

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Welcome to TV’s 5th Wave

A piece exploring the historical waves of country-dominated TV suppliers over the last 50 years from the U.S. to Europe to Japan to Korea and now, maybe China? – for Digital Technology Consulting. Read on here.

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Now Is the Time to Buy a 4K TV—But Which One?

A piece on how to buy a 4K TV in 2016 for (via eBay), which you can read here – and, yes, I know “FALD” stands for “full array local dimming.” Don’t ask.

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How To Buy A Smart Security Camera

The headline is pretty much exclamatory for this piece (via eBay), which you can read here.

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