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Many Monstrous Notes at CES 2017

After experiencing CES, one gets the feeling that consumers are being inundated with too much new technology, far too much to comprehend or adopt. Read why here.

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Wireless Internet Infrastructure: Is it Ready for the Connected World?

We’re a long way from ubiquitous connectivity. In the quest to get there, the entire wireless connectivity ecosystem—both direct-to-the-net and device-to-device technologies—is in the midst of evolutionary, if not revolutionary, change. Read how here in this blog post at Digital … Continue reading

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Video Recording Formats: Are We Done Yet?

At a corporate video shoot, I was a taken back by the recording gear sitting atop the videographer’s two tripods: not sophisticated prosumer models from Canon or Sony, not a couple of standard consumer beer can-style camcorders, not even a … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t There 21st Century Flip Phones?

Apparently by the 23d century, we’ll have returned to flipping flip phones. We know this because in Star Trek Beyond, the intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise employs communicators with lids that have to be flipped up to operate—subspace radio gear … Continue reading

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Best portable power solutions

A piece for BetaNews on portable battery packs. Best portable power solutions

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Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Smartphone?

No, not should I stay or should I go, but should you lease or should you buy your smartphone, a topic I explored for Tom’s Guide.

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5G: Something Is Happening, But We Don’t Know What It Is

As our annual sojourn to the crowded and exhausting CES creeps closer like an appointment for a root canal, we might foretell here what we expect to see at the annual electronics gathering. But instead, we’d like to look ahead … Continue reading

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Smartphone Developments: New Features that are Worth Buying

Likely my last story for Consumers Digest (it’s a long, sordid story). In all events, my general survey of the smartphone landscape as of September 2015 (when written, not when published).

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What Are the Best Cell Carrier Plans?

For most of the first two-thirds of 2015, I worked on (and continually update, along with the Tom’s Guide editors) a series of stories outlining the best deals in cellular, both post- and prepaid.  These pieces include buying guides for … Continue reading

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch: First Impressions at IFA

The headline says it all, my Techlicious hands-on with the new Samsung smartwatch while at IFA in Berlin.

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