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CES 2016 Coverage for Realty Times

While reporting on CES 2016 for the TWICE Show Daily, I also churned out a number of stories for Realty Times, which they oddly held until a week or more after the show was over. Ah well. Here’s what I … Continue reading

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Samsung Smart Fridge Harmonizes With Amazon Echo’s Alexa

Um, well – apparently that headline is wrong, as was the Amazon reference in a similar report I wrote for Techlicious (“Samsung’s New Refrigerator Is Also a Giant Tablet“). Samsung told a group of reporters it had invited to a … Continue reading

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It’s A Smart Home Boomtown At The Sands

TWICE assigned me the smart home beat for CES. Here’s one of my on-site reports on what new gear was on display in a wide variety of booths at the Sands’ Smart Home Marketplace during the show.

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New Wi-Fi HaLow Spec Announced

Here’s my report on the new Wi-Fi specification, HaLow, technically 802.11ha, for TWICE during CES.

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Smart LED Lights — Not the Brightest Bulbs Yet, but Getting Smarter

Light bulbs are a universal sign for a bright idea (pun intended), but are smart bulbs actually smart? I explored the smart bulb subject for re/code, which you can read here.

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Yale’s Entry Into Smart Locks Is Huge

Here’s my report for TWICE on Yale entering the smart lock business.

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Review of the Amazon Echo

Here is the foundation of one version of a voice-operated home – Amazon’s Echo, reviewed for Techlicious.

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Best Robot Vacuums 2015

This is an update of a story by someone else on Tom’s Guide of the best new robot vacuums. Any of these would self-destruct trying to clean my apartment.

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Don’t Settle for Lousy Home Wi-Fi

Considering how important connecting to the net is becoming, what with 4K video streaming and the like, it’s surprising how slow American’s connections are. Here’s how to maximize your Wi-Fi connections at home.

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How an LED Light Bulb is Like a Smartphone

IMHO, I believe the LED light bulb is a tabula rasa, a blank slate that will prove to be the next major developmental platform now that the smartphone seems to be reaching its tech innovation limits. Read why in my DVICE column … Continue reading

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