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‘The Current War’ Helps CTA Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Hall of Fame

Perhaps the most consequential period in technology history, the first format war that determined how the world would be powered, is lovingly portrayed in the new film, The Current War. The film depicts the business, technological and personality battles that … Continue reading

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How To Overcome Consumer Smart Home Compatibility/Security Concerns

Just how private are voice-activated smart speakers? Just how secure is footage captured by Wi-Fi cameras? Just how compatible – and smart – are smart homeproducts?  These are just a few questions retailers trying to sell fancy new smart home products … Continue reading

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dCS Launches HiRes Audio Campaign With 1st Legends Award

Surrounded by his recording engineer peers, master mastering engineer and 11-time Grammy winner Bob Ludwig was presented the first dCS Legends award at an event Tuesday night during this week’s annual Audio Engineering Society confab in New York. Read the rest of … Continue reading

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Will 8K TV Follow 4K’s Quick Adoption Pattern?

Industry observers and executives alike remain stunned at how, in just five relatively short years, 4K UHD TVs transformed from a pricey curiosity to a race-to-the-bottom commodity. Based on this perhaps flawed phenomena, the industry is optimistic that 8K will follow the … Continue reading

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GfK: Overall Consumer Tech Business Will Be Flat Or Down In 2019

Political uncertainty, trade wars and regional economic worries are shaking consumer confidence, and TV prices continue a precipitous decline. These and other factors will combine to produce an overall slightly down year in overall consumer technology sales, according to market research company … Continue reading

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Amazon Bows FireTV-Enabled Soundbar, 2d Gen Cube, 65-inch 4K TV

Amazon continues to expand its lineup of Fire TV-enabled devices with three new offerings, all of which are available for pre-sale immediately with availability later this fall: the Nebula Fire TV soundbar, a second-generation Fire TV Cube and a 65-inch Fire … Continue reading

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Omnichannel Retail Philosophy: Best Way to Battle Showrooming

The primary doom factor for giant nationwide chains, local mom-and-pops and every type of retailer in-between has been the explosion of online retailing. Unfortunately, the future of brick & mortar isn’t getting sunnier due to the continuing expansion of e-commerce. … Continue reading

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CTA Expands Diversity and Inclusion at CES and Via Venture Fund Investments

CTA today announced a series of initiatives to expand the diversity and inclusion at CES and in the consumer technology industry at large, including its first investments in venture companies led by and supporting firms led by women and people of color, as … Continue reading

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Will 8K Dampen 4K TV Sales?

“This industry loves to eat its young” is an observation often attributed to Dave Workman, president and CEO of the ProSource buying group. With TV makers and retailers yearning for higher margin 8K TVs, could slim margin 4K sets be … Continue reading

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Solving The Mobile Payments/POS Dilemma

Apple Pay. Samsung Pay. Google Pay. Walmart Pay. Alipay. WhatsApp Pay. Retailers still recovering from the trauma of updating to mandated EMV chip-reading POS terminals are now being pestered to accept an increasing number of mobile and contactless payment systems … Continue reading

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