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Sharp Now Shipping 8K TVs Overseas

After years of teasing at varying trade shows, Sharp has finally begun shipping the world’s first commercially available 8K monitor, the 70-inch, 7,680 by 4,320 Aquos LV-70X500E (€11,199). Continue reading this post here.

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Consumers Ponying Up For Cutting-Edge Tech

Thanks to more informed and more demanding consumers willing to pay more to get what they want, CE sales revenue rose 3.2 percent to $967 billion in 2017, and is projected to rise another 3.9 percent to $1.014 trillion this … Continue reading

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Party & Sporty: Sony Targets The Young & Active With New Portable Audio

Sony officially announced a new splash-proof wireless in-ear bud with both active noise cancelation, along with a new series of behind-the-neck Bluetooth sport earphones and colorful portable Bluetooth/NFC speakers with flashing LED trim, all aimed squarely at the young and … Continue reading

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Samsung Bows Smarter, Prettier 2018 QLED TVs

Stressing beauty, size and functionality, along with a set of unique intelligence and aesthetic features, Samsung officially unveiled its 2018 QLED and Ultra HD TV lineup at a grandiose CES-style event at the American Stock Exchange building in lower Manhattan. … Continue reading

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Selfie Journals & Viper Drones: Tech Toys Grow Up To Keep Up

Welcome to the future, where kids aren’t happy with toys that just … well, sit there. Now playthings must move on the ground and through the air and even speak of their own or user-programmed accord. This year’s Toy Fair … Continue reading

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Toy Fair 2018: ‘Alexa, Play With Me’

Like a puppy trailing a child, the toy industry often trails after the consumer electronics industry in integrating advanced technology into playthings. But at this year’s Toy Fair, Amazon Alexa voice-recognition, AR and VR, STEM/STEAM-oriented educational gear, 3D printing and … Continue reading

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How Net Neutrality Is Like Game Of Thrones

A more expansive exploration of the real reasons behind the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality rules from a version originally published in the CES 208 Show Daily.

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My CES 2018 Coverage For TWICE Show Daily

For the (at least) 30th time, I helped TWICE, the leading trade magazine in the consumer electronics business and publisher of the official CES Show Daily, cover CES.  Here’s some of my coverage: What Does ‘Google Assistant Compatible’ Mean? Pai, … Continue reading

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50th Anniversary of CES

The first CES took place June 25-28, 1967, and I wrote numerous (admittedly similar) pieces about it for: TWICE – CES Turns 50 Sound & Vision – CES at 50: From Humble Origins to Global Showcase Dealerscope – CES: The Summer … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mesh Could Steal CES Smart-Home Spotlight

My analysis of the growth of the smart home market for the CES issue of TWICE, which you can read here.

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