Hipcam WiFi camera

Hipcam Indoor Pro Wi-Fi security camera: Facebook has been hawking its Pronto video phone system, which seems rather useless if you have an Apple device and FaceTime or an Android device and the Skype app. But Hipcam has added a third video communication option – this Google Assistant-assisted Indoor Pro Wi-Fi security camera ($189, due to go on sale any minute now) with a built-in color touchscreen screen with two-way A/V communication. You can remotely video chat to the folks at home via the app, video communicate with folks at your front door if you add the Hipcam video doorbell, or show yourself to potential home invaders. The Indoor Pro includes face recognition, records video in 1080p, includes night vision, displays the time and weather on the LCD screen when not displaying video, can operate sans AC on a built-in battery, and also doubles as a baby monitor – the Hipcam is equipped with what the company calls “baby lights.”

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