Korea phone camera swivel

3I Inc. Pivo smartphone camera pod: The idea of a camera stand that remotely follows you around so you can be in the picture/video at a distance isn’t new – I still have (somewhere) a ParkerVision CameraMan from 1992, and there have been several similar, and smaller, devices over the last 25 years. What makes this Pivo (from a company called 3I Inc.) different from earlier attempts is that instead of a camcorder it holds a smartphone, either in portrait or landscape, and instead of a wireless wand or microphone, Pivo uses facial recognition to track subjects, and can be operated by voice or physical remote control. Pivo can tilt up/down around 90 degrees and swivels aroudn a full 360 degrees at completely controllable speeds if operated manually. It’s run for around 8-10 hours, and will take an hour to recharge. It’s on Kickstarter now for $69, which makes it a lot cheaper than previous attempts at this type of product.

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