Lynq geolocator

Lynq GPS locator: The Elios is designed largely for emergencies. But this Lynq locator ($209/pair, spring), which also operate sans cellular, is aimed at pairs or groups of hikers, skiers, mountain climbers and other outdoor adventurers who need to know where everyone is as a matter of course or just-in-case. Instead of cellular, the Lynq’s GPS signal is sent via the 900MHz radio band, and the Lynqs can be detected up to three miles apart, and each Lynq can track up to 12 people. Inside the circular LCD display is a curved directional indicator that points you in the direction you need to go to find who you’re looking for, and a mile/foot distance readout that gets more precise as you get closer. Lynq’s battery lasts up to three days, they’re weather and waterproof, and they’ll be available in five colors – blue, green, white, black, and gray & orange.

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