Nomad universal plug

nomadplug Modular International Power Adapter: International power adapters always include a series of often hard-to-manipulate slides and buttons to get the right jack, and even with these slides and buttons there’s always a few countries for which there is no adapter. nomadplug loses these slides and buttons. It’s a post-modern, sleek modular power adapter that consists of magnetically interlocking modules that not only eliminates the slides and buttons, but is hinged so the plugs fit securely, and its designers claim nomadplug the only international power adapter that works in all 195 countries on the globe. nomadplug also is more colorful than other industrially-designed adapters – it’ll come in five color variations, and it comes with a matching 5,000mAh/3 amp portable battery. You can place an order for nomadplug on Indiegogo for $54 for delivery in July before it’s generally available after backers get their units for $120.

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