NorthFace FutureLight water jars

The NorthFace FutureLight: Admittedly, this isn’t “technology” in the classic way. But The NorthFace used CES to announce a potential revolution in textiles called Future Light, a super thin/super light eco-friendly material that both breathes from the inside-out (think about how sweaty you get inside a plastic windbreaker in the rain on a hot day), but also is wind and waterproof from the outside in. The technology comes in the form of a new nano spinning processes and technologies, along with the use of 100 percent recycled plastics and polyester to create eco-sustainable clothing. In this photo, you see a demo The NorthFace showed at CES: on the left is tube with a swatch of typical waterproof fabric keeping the water at the top from seeping into the empty bottom. On the right, however, is a similar tube with water on the top using a piece of FutureLight as the divider. You see bubbles in the water on the right. Air is being blown up from the bottom empty chambers of each tube, but the waterproof fabric in the left tube won’t let this air flow through. The FutureLight in the tube on the right does. (1/2)

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