NuHeara IQBud Boost II

Nuheara IQbuds Max true wireless Bluetooth earphones: I’ve played with more than a dozen of these new true wireless buds – and reviewed a few of the better ones – and, overall, I find the Nuheara IQbuds Boost the best of the best. But these ur-hearing aid-like buds are not without their issues, all of which are due to be solved in the next-gen IQbuds Max buds, due this summer for around $500. Nuheara IQ buds are known for their top-notch hearing IQ and ambient sound customization, but the Max will add: five times the processing power for these customization attributes and tinitus masking; an extra mic (three total) to enhance ambient sound amplification, eliminate echo and, most importantly, to add active noise cancelling; a gyroscope to eliminate potential squealing; reduction in alclusion or microphonics – the rustling sound feedback you get when touching the earphone cables or the buds themselves; Bluetooth 5.0 for longer range from your music source and lower latency for better lip-syncing for private TV watching/listening; magnetic charging clips so the buds correctly align for charging within the case; a small, more rectangular case; and, new, larger drivers – 9.5mm, the “largest in the true wireless class…by a long way” according to the company. I can’t wait!

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