SC Baby-Scan wireless ultrasound

Baby-Scan ultrasound baby scanner: Monitoring your baby’s in-womb development is nice, but seeing your child as s/he develops is far more viceral. Baby-Scan is a 2D/3D wireless (Wi-Fi) ultrasound scanner and is “only” $569 – all other DIY ultrasound scanners are wired and costs twice to four times as much. Combined with its iOS or Android app, the Baby-Scan Wi-Fi ultrasound scanner can capture and share stills or video, track your baby’s development through images/video on a timeline and is recharged wirelessly via Qi. The included 50ml comtainer of lubricant is good for four scans; additional 250ml containers ($5) is good for 20 scans. I was told Baby-Scan would be available two weeks after CES, but it’s listed as “coming soon” on the web site.

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