Soma bra

SomaInnofit Bra: And, obviously, I know nothing about bras of how they fit, or more precisely, and maybe more often than I realize, not fit. And according to the bra-making folks at Soma, your bra size changes whenever you gain or lose weight. So Soma came up with this high-tech Bluetooth fitting solution. You put it on, pair it with the Soma app, and the built-in sensors provide perfect sizing. When you go shopping at the Soma online site, the bras that match your size are highlighted. SomaInnofit costs $25, but you get $25 your first bra order so it’s essentially free. On the down size, since SomaInnofit is calibrated for Soma’s own bras, there’s no guarantee that bras from other makers will fit. According to the SomaInnofit web site, the initial product run is sold out with new inventory due in mid-March.

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