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Thinking of Buying an Apple HomePod? Don’t.

Consider buying an Apple HomePod more of an investment bet than a practical purchase because, right now, it’s a pretty useless device. Like most gaudy objects, HomePod’s aural and aesthetic beauty blinds you of its practical near-worthlessness in comparison to … Continue reading

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Toy Fair 2018: ‘Alexa, Play With Me’

Like a puppy trailing a child, the toy industry often trails after the consumer electronics industry in integrating advanced technology into playthings. But at this year’s Toy Fair, Amazon Alexa voice-recognition, AR and VR, STEM/STEAM-oriented educational gear, 3D printing and … Continue reading

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Many Monstrous Notes at CES 2017

After experiencing CES, one gets the feeling that consumers are being inundated with too much new technology, far too much to comprehend or adopt. Read why here.

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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mesh Could Steal CES Smart-Home Spotlight

My analysis of the growth of the smart home market for the CES issue of TWICE, which you can read here.

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Samsung Smart Fridge Harmonizes With Amazon Echo’s Alexa

Um, well – apparently that headline is wrong, as was the Amazon reference in a similar report I wrote for Techlicious (“Samsung’s New Refrigerator Is Also a Giant Tablet“). Samsung told a group of reporters it had invited to a … Continue reading

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Review of the Amazon Echo

Here is the foundation of one version of a voice-operated home – Amazon’s Echo, reviewed for Techlicious.

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