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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mesh Could Steal CES Smart-Home Spotlight

My analysis of the growth of the smart home market for the CES issue of TWICE, which you can read here.

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Top 10 Gadgets of the Last 50 Years

  As part of the CES 50th anniversary commemoration, in my role as newly-minted historian for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA, the industry and lobbying group who produce CES), I helped collect around three dozen historically significant gadgets for display. … Continue reading

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What Is a Portable Computer?

In recent dueling ads about their tablet/laptop hybrids, both Apple and Microsoft ask the rhetorical question: What is a computer? Well, we kinda know that, don’t we? The real question is, what is a “portable computer?” Read the answer here.

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Why Aren’t There 21st Century Flip Phones?

Apparently by the 23d century, we’ll have returned to flipping flip phones. We know this because in Star Trek Beyond, the intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise employs communicators with lids that have to be flipped up to operate—subspace radio gear … Continue reading

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Smartphone Developments: New Features that are Worth Buying

Likely my last story for Consumers Digest (it’s a long, sordid story). In all events, my general survey of the smartphone landscape as of September 2015 (when written, not when published).

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Apple Unveils Voice & Touch-Enhanced Apple TV

My news report on the new Apple TV announcement for Techlicious. Thank goodness (and Tim Cook) for live streaming so I didn’t have to fly to ‘Frisco. Presumably, I’ll do a comparative hands on with the Amazon Fire TV and … Continue reading

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch: First Impressions at IFA

The headline says it all, my Techlicious hands-on with the new Samsung smartwatch while at IFA in Berlin.

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Mobile Wallets: Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Android Pay

A comparison of the three major mobile payment schemes I wrote for Tom’s Guide, an analysis which already may be out-dated with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5, which I covered for … Continue reading

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There’s a New Platform/Content Paradigm in Town

Every technology platform from the first one – Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press in the 15th century – has been fed by content. But this dominant platform-sustenance content food chain is beginning to mutate. I explore this evolution in the hardware/content co-dependency paradigm … Continue reading

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Apple Watch/Apple Pay: Not The Disruptor We Were Expecting?

Apple Watch’s killer app/function may be Apple Pay, the ability to pay simply by tapping your wrist to a compatible POS terminal. But will there be enough retail locations who accept Watch-based Apple Pay to make a difference? I explore … Continue reading

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