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What Is a Smart Door Lock—and Do You Need One?

This is a self-exclamatory piece I did on smart locks for Hometips.com.

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How To Wire Your House With Sound—Without Wires

Here’s a general overview of the varying wireless speaker system options available, composed for Homes.com.

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New Wi-Fi HaLow Spec Announced

Here’s my report on the new Wi-Fi specification, HaLow, technically 802.11ha, for TWICE during CES.

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Weakest Link for Cord-Cutting and 4K Streaming

A more inside-baseball look at the weakness of the U.S.’s national broadband infrastructure, one of my regular blog posts at Digital Technology Consulting, a boutique market research company in Dallas for whom I work as a senior analyst.

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Don’t Settle for Lousy Home Wi-Fi

Considering how important connecting to the net is becoming, what with 4K video streaming and the like, it’s surprising how slow American’s connections are. Here’s how to maximize your Wi-Fi connections at home.

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Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000) Co-inventor, frequency hopping/spread spectrum How one of the world’s most beautiful women and most popular film stars of Hollywood’s golden era came to co-invent the most important wireless communications security technology – frequency hopping – is a … Continue reading

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