Volo Beauty blow dryer

VOLO Go IR Cordless Hair Dryer: Not that I know anything about hair dryers, but my wife does and I’d love to get this for her. Instead of blowing scalding hot air on your hair, which dries out and frizzes your ‘do, this new cordless VOLO Go uses quartz infrared (IR) radiating heating technology that, the company claims, more naturally dries hair from the inside-out like the sun to maintain follicle vitality. And it’s founder, Ryan Goldman, should know – he runs a chain of hair salons in Southern California. Not only is IR leave your hair healthier, but it draws less power – VOLO Go run from 13 to 24 minutes depending on level, plenty for two complete dries – and reduces static electricity. You can order a VOLO Go on Kickstarter in black, white or rose gold until February 5 for $275, due for delivery in July, or wait and pay $399.

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