Furrion portable ice cooler

Furrion ROVA Iceless Cooler: Camping was/is supposed to be a way of getting away from the complexity of modern life and to live off the land. Furrion makes this separate a bit more difficult with this high-tech 1.5-cubic-foot iceless cooler. Due this spring for around $800, the Furrion ROVA Iceless Cooler includes a removable ePod 400-watt rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can supply up to 10 days of food/beverage cooling/freezing between -8 to 37 degrees, up to 7 days when cooling is combined with auxiliary power for smartphones snd other lower power devices via an integrated USB jack and a Qi charging pad. Obviously swapping out additional power packs, or adding a solar panel, would lengthen your non-AC cooling and power availability. It two rear wheels allow for easier portage, and an accessory rail lets you add cup and umbrella holders, a Bluetooth speaker and other helpful outdoor add-ons.

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