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I have been writing about consumer electronics for four decades, including news, reviews, analysis and history for a wide variety of consumer, niche and trade outlets. For the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), I annually update the industry's history and write the official biographies of the CTA Hall of Fame inductees. Aside from writing about consumer technology for a variety of consumer, tech and trade publications, I write a blog and do market research for Digital Technology Consulting. In the non-tech world, I have written "Bums No More: The Championship Season of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers" and "The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle." Check out my work at

S02 E01 – SmartTechCheck Podcast

My appearance on the weekly SmartTechCheck podcast with host Mark Vena and fellow tech reporters John Quain and Rob Pegorara. This week we recap CES 2022 and discuss TV buying tips before the Super Bowl. Watch our discussion here.

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Review of the Dyson V15 Detect Stick Vac

Dyson justifiably carries the reputation as the cordless stick vacuum king-of-the-hill, the brand all other stick vac makers aim at. Dyson’s latest are its V15 Detect ($699.99) and V15 Detect Plus ($749.99) models, which maintain Dyson’s premier stick vac reputation. Read the … Continue reading

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Sifting Through Mountains of Data To Get Granular With Grupo Bimbo

Addressing the need for intelligent data analysis and application was Antonio Parra, VP global information and digital transformation for Grupo Bimbo, the Mexico City-based food conglomerate, in his Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit session this week, “Getting More Granular to Create … Continue reading

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Space Tech: CES 2022’s Final Frontier

Is outer space just a playground for rich billionaires, or is there a real space economy that’s about to blast off at CES 2022? Read this report here at

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What Tech Trends Will ‘Matter’ In 2022?

Will Matter be the key to finally bringing interoperability to smart home devices? Read this report here at

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What To Expect At CES 2022

New Exhibit Hall, New Keynoters, New Transportation, New Covid Measures, New Virtual Connectivity – and New Product Categories – To Be Featured Read this report here at

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CTA: Expect Robust Q4, $500b In U.S. Tech Sales in 2022

Despite chip shortages, supply chain problems, and staffing issues, demand and sales for consumer tech – especially WFH and home entertainment devices – has and will remain high through the holiday season and next year. Read this report here at … Continue reading

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CTA Inducts 2020, 2021 Hall Of Fame Classes

After missing a year because of the pandemic, CTA inducted its 2020 and 2021 Hall of Fame classes at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, along with its last two sets of Innovation Award winners. Read the rest of this report – … Continue reading

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Review of the Eargo 5

Over the years, I’ve tested a variety of over-the-counter hearing assistive devices, some actual FDA-approved hearing aids, others so-called personal sound amplification products (PSAP). Until recently, I believed the best relatively low-cost non-prescription over-the-counter hearing aid available was Eargo’s Neo HiFi, which … Continue reading

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The Best New iOS 15 Features

Under normal circumstances, I’d advise waiting before downloading Apple’s latest operating system until after its first update – there’s always something that goes a little bit haywire in the first release that needs patching. But there haven’t been any reports … Continue reading

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