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I have been writing about consumer electronics for four decades, including news, reviews, analysis and history for a wide variety of consumer, niche and trade outlets. For the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), I annually update the industry's history and write the official biographies of the CTA Hall of Fame inductees. Aside from writing about consumer technology for a variety of consumer, tech and trade publications, I write a blog and do market research for Digital Technology Consulting. In the non-tech world, I have written "Bums No More: The Championship Season of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers" and "The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle." Check out my work at

My CES 2023 Coverage

Here is some of my CES coverage for both the official CES Show Daily and for CES 2023: Nasdaq Chief Friedman Advocates for Tech-Driven 21st Century Economy CES 2023: Samsung Stresses Sustainability, Smarter Home, Security TCL 2023 TVs Will … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things to Know About the Matter Smart Home Standard

You likely fall into one of three types of smart home gadget shopper: One, you’re frustrated by the uncooperative bunch of smart home gadgets you’ve already bought that falsely promised compatibility with either Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit, … Continue reading

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Lexie B2 OTC Hearing Aids Offer Great Sound Marred by Squealing

The Lexie B2 powered by Bose are a perfect example of the unfortunate aesthetic and feature compromises one needs to make when choosing a new over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid, compromises that boil down to more convenient battery management vs. “invisibility” … Continue reading

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Tech And Business Tactic Trends For 2023

With CES just around the corner, what new technologies will be coming in 2023, and, in a post-pandemic world, what new business ways and means will come to the fore in the new year? Read the rest of this report … Continue reading

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SmartTechCheck Podcast Twitter, What We Expect at CES 2023, Matter Smart Home Standard

I join host Mark Vena and fellow tech journalists Rob Pegoraro and John Quain to discuss the ongoing saga at Twitter, what we expect to see at CES 2023, and details and opinions of the Matter smart home standard. Watch … Continue reading

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New Year, New Tech: CES 2023 Sneak Peeks

CES serves as A crystal ball, an Ouija board, tea leaves, or a deck of tarot cards, providing a view of the future – if you can correctly interpret the symbols, signs, and sales pitches. At CES 2023, signs, symbols, and … Continue reading

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Review: Sony CRE-10 OTC Hearing Aids Deliver Great Sound with One Flaw

Sony’s first OTC hearing aid, the CRE-C10 ($999.99), should be and could have been the model by which all subsequent no-frills OTC hearing aids should aspire. After an initial hearing test to personalize their amplification, you simply stick ’em in your ear, … Continue reading

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Another View: Wearables, Digital Health And You

The explosion of digital health devices in 2022 is undeniable and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What kinds of devices are available, and are there any new advancements we can look forward to? Read the rest of this … Continue reading

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The Consumer Technology Business In 2022: A Return To Normalcy?

As the impact of the pandemic and supply chain problems fade, and even considering lingering economic uncertainty, a sense of normalcy seems to have returned to the consumer tech industry in 2022. Read the rest of this story here at … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Legend, iTunes And DSP Developers Inducted Into CTA Hall Of Fame

CTA inducted eight new members into its Hall of Fame on November 15, 2022, at a gala dinner in New York City. The class of 2022 includes: Read the rest of this recap here at

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