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Appliances Are Getting Smarter — But Is Anyone Buying Them?

Suddenly, it seems, the major appliance market is alive and well. After several years of slow or flat growth, major appliance sales are projected to rise from 3 to 7 percent this year to an estimated 549 million units and … Continue reading

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Sharp Now Shipping 8K TVs Overseas

After years of teasing at varying trade shows, Sharp has finally begun shipping the world’s first commercially available 8K monitor, the 70-inch, 7,680 by 4,320 Aquos LV-70X500E (€11,199). Continue reading this post here.

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Consumers Ponying Up For Cutting-Edge Tech

Thanks to more informed and more demanding consumers willing to pay more to get what they want, CE sales revenue rose 3.2 percent to $967 billion in 2017, and is projected to rise another 3.9 percent to $1.014 trillion this … Continue reading

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6 Best Alexa-Enabled Speakers (Beyond the Amazon Echo)

A review roundup of the 6 best Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers on Techlicious, which you can read here.

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‘Ready Player One’: Good Movie, Bad VR Future-casting

Far be it from me to find fault with filmmaker-great Steven Spielberg or with author Ernest Cline. But as effective and entertaining as Ready Player One is, its depiction of what VR will be like 25 years hence is, conceptually, ridiculous. Continue … Continue reading

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Review: D-Link 936L Wi-Fi Camera

There are two distinct reasons why you’d consider buying a Wi-Fi security camera for your home: either to alert you if someone enters your space while you’re away, or to act as sort of a nanny cam to let you … Continue reading

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Flashback 1948: Ampex Unveils First Magnetic Tape Recorder

Our modern AV world arguably all stems from a single product: the Ampex 200A, the first successful commercial magnetic audiotape recorder, which debuted 70 years ago this month. Read the rest of this post on Sound & Vision here.

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