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Cross-Industry Insights: 8 Lessons CPG CIOs Can Learn from Other Industries

Companies and industries traditionally find it easier to maintain a “this is the way we’ve always done it” attitude until forced to painfully pivot to new methods and new models. But in the wake of the pandemic and its aftershocks, … Continue reading

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Smartphones 2024: Can Independent Retailers Get In The Business?

Psst! Hey, you, consumer technology retailer. Wanna sell smartphones? Yes, smartphones are still the best-selling consumer electronics devices, but the business isn’t exactly booming anymore. U.S. unit smartphone shipments have steadily declined from 140 million units in 2022 to a projected … Continue reading

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CTA To Start Centennial Celebration At CES 2024

As is its wont, the U.S. Congress determined it would levy a new 10% tax on the production of an exceptionally popular new tech device. And, unsurprisingly, the companies producing said new tech devices were unhappy with the prospect of … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Elehear Alpha Pro – Affordable Multi-Function Hearing Aids

The new Elehear Alpha Pro OTC ($999, now heavily discounted to $499) hearing aids capably amplify and clear up otherwise muddy sounds, especially voices, for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. With its Bluetooth music streaming and hands-free calling capabilities, the … Continue reading

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Review: Sennheiser All-Day Clear – High-Quality Sound with a Catch

Sennheiser’s All-Day Clear over-the-counter (OTC) self-fitting hearing aids ($1,399), developed with Swiss hearing aid maker Sonova, present a conundrum. They have the potential to be the best OTC hearing aids that can also serve as Bluetooth headphones, producing excellent sound quality untuned … Continue reading

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