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Smartphone Camera Features Versus Digital Camera Technology in 2014

What, exactly, are smartphone makers putting in their devices that let us leave our actual cameras at home? Here’s a piece I did exploring smartphone camera technologies for Digital Imaging Reporter, a photo trade magazine. Smartphone Camera Features Versus Digital Camera … Continue reading

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Here Comes (Finally!) the Goddamn Tesla Museum

Last week, to commemorate Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday, the media made much of the million dollar contribution by Elon Musk (he who appropriated Tesla’s name for his electronic car company) to help transform the Serbian-born scientist’s Wardenclyffe Labs, located in Shoreham on the north … Continue reading

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Meet the Man Who Invented the Modern Age

Each time you plug an electrical anything into a wall outlet, each time you turn on your radio or even TV, you should thank the Serbian-born American engineer named Nikola Tesla. I present him to you because last Thursday, July … Continue reading

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