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What Is a Smart Door Lock—and Do You Need One?

This is a self-exclamatory piece I did on smart locks for

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Happy 125th Birthday, David Sarnoff (David Who?)

It is so frustrating that people even within the consumer electronics industry don’t know who David Sarnoff is. I took the opportunity of his 125th birthday (Feb. 27) to explore Sarnoff’s unparalleled impact on technology for a huge chunk of … Continue reading

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The Best Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

My sort of annual roundup of the best Bluetooth stereo earphones for Techlicious.

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How To Wire Your House With Sound—Without Wires

Here’s a general overview of the varying wireless speaker system options available, composed for

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Is There A Universal Cable Converter Solution?

If you think the presidential primaries, Cam Newton v. the media, and Superman v. Batman battles are brutal, just wait. Two of the most hated entities in our society—the Federal government and local cable TV providers—are about to butt proverbial … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison (Nikola Tesla Fans Exempted)

February 11 is Thomas Edison’s birthday, and in this year’s commemoration I report on the sudden surge in Edison vs. Nikola Tesla for re/code.

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Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Smartphone?

No, not should I stay or should I go, but should you lease or should you buy your smartphone, a topic I explored for Tom’s Guide.

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