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How the Digital Divide Fuels the Income Divide

There has been a great deal of political sturm und drang in political circles about the yawning income inequality gap, which is now the highest its been in the U.S. since 1928.  But three disparate events got me thinking about one possible cause … Continue reading

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Will Cell Phones Prove as Cancerous as Cigarettes?

My latest bloviation for the Huffington Post explores the potential for cell phones to one day prove to be as cancer-causing as cigarettes have proven to be.

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The First Cellphone Went on Sale 30 Years Ago for $4,000

Possibly the most read story I’ve ever written – a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the first handheld cell phone (the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X) going on sale to the public – from  

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Opinion: Why We Really Don’t Need More Cell Spectrum

My buddy Marty Cooper, the father of the cell phone, explains why simply adding more spectrum isn’t the answer to crowded cellular super highways in this column.  

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Mobile’s End of the Beginning

It’s official: mobile devices have taken over the consumer electronics business, ending the first phase of mobile tech’s ubiquitousness. Read how infrastructure technologies form the future of cool mobile advances here.

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The New Smartphone Normal

An examination of potential smartphone/mobile futures, which you can read here.

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7 New Smartphone Features That Will Help Define Your Future

My first (and hopefully not last) piece for CNN International on what smartphone technologies could become our new mobile normal. Read it here.

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