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Is 2024 The Year Of AI?

It’s impossible to avoid dire warnings about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), from the explosion of manipulated images, video, and audio leading to an exponential rise in misinformation, to job losses in writing fields such as the Hollywood writers’ strike, the … Continue reading

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2024 State Of The Industry: Guarded Optimism

Market roadblocks and negative economic conditions from 2023 linger, but retailers, vendors, and analysts all are hopeful for more positive results in the new year. Read the rest of this report here at

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CES 2024: AI Pioneers Insist That It Is ‘Here To Stay’

People’s opinions of AI vary widely from the possibility of creating a utopian machine-assisted world or precipitate a dystopic machine-dominated future á la SkyNet from the Terminator movie series, with millions of possibilities and potential in between. But two AI pioneers made … Continue reading

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Nuance Audio Combines Glasses and Hearing Aids for Dual Assist

Does combining glasses with hearing aids make sense? EssilorLuxottica, the world’s leading maker of eyeglasses, thinks so. Sometime later this year, the company will introduce Nuance Audio-branded prescription eyeglasses that incorporate over-the-counter hearing aids in the glasses’ temples. Read the … Continue reading

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Soundwave Sontro OTC Hearing Aids: Average Performance, Decent Price

After testing a large bulk of the available OTC hearing aids over the last year plus, I believe models powered by single-use batteries are, well, stupid, especially with the wealth of rechargeable alternatives now available. Tiny hearing aid batteries are … Continue reading

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