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Best portable power solutions

A piece for BetaNews on portable battery packs. Best portable power solutions

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Now Is the Time to Buy a 4K TV—But Which One?

A piece on how to buy a 4K TV in 2016 for (via eBay), which you can read here – and, yes, I know “FALD” stands for “full array local dimming.” Don’t ask.

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How To Buy A Smart Security Camera

The headline is pretty much exclamatory for this piece (via eBay), which you can read here.

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The 10 Game-Changing Innovations I Saw at CES 2016

Well, this post-CES post I wrote for eBay is pretty much self-exclamatory. And that’s a photo I took of the line snaking around the Oculus booth in the South Hall.

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The Top 12 Technologies the Year eBay Was Born

eBay was born in 1995, and their editorial folks asked me to ruminate on the technologies that were prevalent that year. You can read the interesting state of 1995 technology here.

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