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The Best TV Under $1,000

Yes, new 4K UHD TVs with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) are here. But in this piece for Techlicious, I explored the best bargains in both 2K and 4K (albeit last year’s models), including the Vizio … Continue reading

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Is the HEVC Digital Camera/Editing Software Logjam About to Burst?

All 4K UHDs can decode HEVC files; after all, all the 4K streaming video content from Netflix and Amazon and Vudu and anyone else who is or will be streaming 4K video is encoded in HEVC. Unfortunately, the HEVC ecosystem … Continue reading

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Smartphone Developments: New Features that are Worth Buying

Likely my last story for Consumers Digest (it’s a long, sordid story). In all events, my general survey of the smartphone landscape as of September 2015 (when written, not when published).

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The Top 12 Technologies the Year eBay Was Born

eBay was born in 1995, and their editorial folks asked me to ruminate on the technologies that were prevalent that year. You can read the interesting state of 1995 technology here.

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Shhh! Panasonic is About to Debut UHD Blu-ray – But Don’t Tell Anyone

Did you know that Panasonic was on the verge of releasing the world’s first UHD Blu-ray deck? No? Neither did I, or anyone else who doesn’t speak Japanese or work for Panasonic. Read more here.

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Digital Camera Sales Continue to Crash. So Why Are These Execs Smiling?

There seem to be few signs of life in the cratering digital camera business….Yet, at last week’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York, amidst enthusiastic throngs of photog trade and user pros, I found mostly surprisingly buoyant company representatives. Read more … Continue reading

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