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Why the UHD Transition is NOT the HDTV Transition

If you’re feeling some weird sense of déjà vu with the chicken-egg conundrum surrounding the production of 4K content/broadcasting and UHD TV sales, it’s because you have vague recollections of the introduction of HDTV back in the late 1990s. While … Continue reading

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Before You Can Binge Watch, You Have To Binge Wait

Following the series finale montage broadcast during the Emmys Sunday night, there was an online backlash at all the spoilers revealed. Poo-pooers correctly noted that these shows ended their runs months ago and the endings were long-ago revealed – is … Continue reading

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The History of DVD

Back in 2007, just as Blu-ray was being introduced, I authored a history of DVD for the now-defunct magazine DVD Etc. Since the magazine is gone, I thought I’d rescue this history from publishing obscurity. So here is the story … Continue reading

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High Dynamic Range Poised To Ignite Ultra HD Sales

While I was at IFA in Berlin, I was invited to a dinner with a handful of other U.S. reporters and execs from LG, Samsung and Panasonic to discuss the future of 4K UHD, HDR technology and UHD Blu-ray, and … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Miracles? The History of HDTV

We are currently going through a second next-gen TV (r)evolution, from HDTV (2K) to UHD (4K) – and maybe even 8K. Much about this softer transition reminds me of the messy transition to HDTV back in the mid-1990s. In 2003, … Continue reading

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UHD Blu-ray Is Coming – Just Not This Year

If you were expecting the 4K/UHD revolution to receive a Battle of Saratoga-like shot in the arm with the inaugural availability of UHD Blu-ray this fall – forget it. Read more here.

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Apple Unveils Voice & Touch-Enhanced Apple TV

My news report on the new Apple TV announcement for Techlicious. Thank goodness (and Tim Cook) for live streaming so I didn’t have to fly to ‘Frisco. Presumably, I’ll do a comparative hands on with the Amazon Fire TV and … Continue reading

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What Are the Best Cell Carrier Plans?

For most of the first two-thirds of 2015, I worked on (and continually update, along with the Tom’s Guide editors) a series of stories outlining the best deals in cellular, both post- and prepaid.  These pieces include buying guides for … Continue reading

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch: First Impressions at IFA

The headline says it all, my Techlicious hands-on with the new Samsung smartwatch while at IFA in Berlin.

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6 Things We Learned At Intel’s IFA Keynote

Some of my IFA coverage for TWICE, this one on the Intel keynote at which the company introduced its 6th generation M Core chip set family.

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