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The Videophone Turns 50: The Historic Failure That Everybody Wanted

Consumer videophone service turns 50 – except how we videophone today (Skype, Facetime, et al) differs radically from how engineers and futurists originally envisioned and implemented it. Read about AT&T’s historic videophone failure(s) that set the stage for today’s video … Continue reading

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Time to Change the ‘Save’ Paradigm

In this Huffington Post column, I explore how the cloud is changing how we save and backup our digital files – but how Microsoft Office and other document creation programs don’t recognize how we might want to save our stuff … Continue reading

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How an LED Light Bulb is Like a Smartphone

IMHO, I believe the LED light bulb is a tabula rasa, a blank slate that will prove to be the next major developmental platform now that the smartphone seems to be reaching its tech innovation limits. Read why in my DVICE column … Continue reading

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