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Our 4G Future

Last weekend I took the Sprint HTC EVO 4G down to Philadelphia, the closest 4G zone to New York City, to see what all the 4G fuss is and will be about – especially after Verizon launches its 4G LTE … Continue reading

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R U 3D ‘Ready’ Already?

DirecTV last week launched its first three 3D channels, the first in what is likely to be a flood of new 3D broadcast sources. The question consumers are asking: how to watch these channels? Unfortunately, the 3D HDTV makers are … Continue reading

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Look, Ma, No Wires!

3D is getting all the attention in the A/V world these days, but anyone who’s courageously dived behind their AV stack has dreamed of a day of not encountering a tangled spaghetti mess. Awaken from your dream. There are three … Continue reading

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Where’s the Avatar 3D Blu-ray?!

If I were a geek or a nerd (and I’m both, but not yet a gleek), I would be selling my blood and other bodily fluids, cashing in every bit of loose change around the house and maxing out my … Continue reading

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If you build it, they will videophone

Apple’s FaceTime is stoking the flames of videophoning passion, and could help video telephony finally engulf the living room (to complete the suddenly ridiculous fire metaphor). Yes, futurists have been prognosticating ubiquitous videophones since, well, since futurists have been prognosticating; … Continue reading

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Sezmi Sez, Cut the Cable. Sez Me, No So Fast!

Sezmi wants to take advantage of the national hatred of cable monopolies by offering a seemingly all-inclusive cut-the-cable TV solution. An interesting idea – geez, I’d love to tell Time-Warner where to put their ancient STB – but Sezmi has … Continue reading

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Ebook v. Tablet PC: Who cares?

An ebook price war erupted between Amazon and Barnes & Noble last week, each hoping to pick off literate consumers who find iPad too pricey. My response to this ebook ballyhoo and hoopla is folderol and balderdash. Ereaders are likely … Continue reading

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The Great HDMI Cheat

If I were an A/V sales person, I would likely lose my job sometime this summer because I would try to talk you out of buying an HDTV, 3D Blu-ray player or A/V receiver (AVR). And, quite frankly, every sales … Continue reading

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