Happy 125th Birthday, David Sarnoff (David Who?)


It is so frustrating that people even within the consumer electronics industry don’t know who David Sarnoff is. I took the opportunity of his 125th birthday (Feb. 27) to explore Sarnoff’s unparalleled impact on technology for a huge chunk of the 20th century for re/code. You can read why David Sarnoff should be mentioned in the same breath as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates here.

Unfortunately, a quote I got from CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro that, for some reason, didn’t get into the piece. For the record, here it is:

“David Sarnoff was an American tech entrepreneur – a pioneer in  television and radio – who laid the foundation for today’s innovation economy. Thanks to Sarnoff, we can watch our favorite programs and movies at home and in color. Sarnoff’s contributions paved the way for today’s best home viewing experience – Ultra High Definition television – as well as video streaming. Happy Birthday to the General!”


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