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I have been writing about consumer electronics for four decades, including news, reviews, analysis and history for a wide variety of consumer, niche and trade outlets. For the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), I annually update the industry's history and write the official biographies of the CTA Hall of Fame inductees. Aside from writing about consumer technology for a variety of consumer, tech and trade publications, I write a blog and do market research for Digital Technology Consulting. In the non-tech world, I have written "Bums No More: The Championship Season of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers" and "The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle." Check out my work at

SmartTechCheck Podcast MWC, Qualcomm FastConnect 7900, Apple kills car project, SCOTUS

The always entertaining SmartTechCheck podcast hosted by Mark Vena with Rob Pegoraro and John Quain featuring deep dives on Apple’s cancellation of its car project, SCOTUS on social media laws, Qualcomm’s FastConnect 7900, and other notable MWC24 announcements. Watch this … Continue reading

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Circana Predicts 1% Consumer Tech Spending Dip In H1

Fears of a recession have faded if not totally disappeared, but several other economic pressures, along with post-pandemic replacement cycle lags, will dampen consumer tech spending by 1% YoY through the spring, according to Paul Gagnon, VP and consumer technology industry advisor … Continue reading

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The 6 Best Smart Home Hubs of 2024

There are dozens of smart devices—light bulbs, locks, displays, doorbells, security systems, indoor/outdoor cameras, thermostats, appliances, plugs, blinds and shades—that are all vying for a place in your 21st century home. Read the rest of this roundup here at Popular Mechanics’ sister site … Continue reading

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Leia Brings Glassesless 3D To Windows, Android Gaming, Chat, Film

Glassless 3D is not coming – it’s here. Leia, a 2014 spinoff from HP, has brought – and will be bringing more – eyewear-free 3D to a number of Windows laptops and Android devices from Acer, Asus, Dell, ZTE, and likely others. … Continue reading

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Orka Two OTC Hearing Aids Reviewed: Excellent Sound, Poor Battery Life

Man, I so wanted to love the Orka Two RIC (receiver in canal) style hearing aids. Their hearing correction yields natural, clear, and loud results. You get better-than-expected Bluetooth for music streaming and hands-free conversation. Like the in-ear Eargo models and the Zepp Clarity Pixie, the Orka … Continue reading

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Olive Union Max Review: A Mixed Bag in OTC Hearing Aids

You’re forgiven if, after seeing the photo of the Olive Union Max ($398, currently discounted to $199) accompanying this review, you rhetorically ask: “That’s a hearing aid?” When I first received my Olive Max review sample, that was pretty much my reaction. … Continue reading

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Is 2024 The Year Of AI?

It’s impossible to avoid dire warnings about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), from the explosion of manipulated images, video, and audio leading to an exponential rise in misinformation, to job losses in writing fields such as the Hollywood writers’ strike, the … Continue reading

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2024 State Of The Industry: Guarded Optimism

Market roadblocks and negative economic conditions from 2023 linger, but retailers, vendors, and analysts all are hopeful for more positive results in the new year. Read the rest of this report here at

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CES 2024: AI Pioneers Insist That It Is ‘Here To Stay’

People’s opinions of AI vary widely from the possibility of creating a utopian machine-assisted world or precipitate a dystopic machine-dominated future á la SkyNet from the Terminator movie series, with millions of possibilities and potential in between. But two AI pioneers made … Continue reading

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Nuance Audio Combines Glasses and Hearing Aids for Dual Assist

Does combining glasses with hearing aids make sense? EssilorLuxottica, the world’s leading maker of eyeglasses, thinks so. Sometime later this year, the company will introduce Nuance Audio-branded prescription eyeglasses that incorporate over-the-counter hearing aids in the glasses’ temples. Read the … Continue reading

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