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Happy 50th Birthday To The Cellphone

Motorola executives made the first cellphone calls on April 3, 1973, after a crash six-month development process – but a scheduled celebratory anniversary gala has been postponed. Read the rest of this historical account here at TWICE.com. You also can … Continue reading

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Motorola’s G7 Phones Offer Premium Features at Budget Prices

You’d ideally love to buy a bleeding-edge smartphone, but don’t love the idea of spending a great deal of money on one. Motorola’s three new Moto g7 series smartphones – the Moto g7 Play, the Moto g7 Power and the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Gadgets of the Last 50 Years

  As part of the CES 50th anniversary commemoration, in my role as newly-minted historian for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA, the industry and lobbying group who produce CES), I helped collect around three dozen historically significant gadgets for display. … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t There 21st Century Flip Phones?

Apparently by the 23d century, we’ll have returned to flipping flip phones. We know this because in Star Trek Beyond, the intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise employs communicators with lids that have to be flipped up to operate—subspace radio gear … Continue reading

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CNET Cell Phone Reviews

Here are a stack of cell phone reviews I wrote for CNET in 2006. UTStarcom CDM-8945 UTStarcom CDM-180 Samsung VI-A820 (SPH-A820), Sprint LG VX9800, Verizon Samsung SPH-A560, Sprint Samsung PM-A840, Sprint Nokia 2115i Shorty Kyocera K10 Royale Samsung SGH-E335, T-Mobile … Continue reading

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CNET Cordless Phone Reviews

Before everyone had a cell phone, everyone had a cordless phone. Here are some reviews of some cordless phone models I wrote for CNET in 2004-2006. VTech ip5825 VTech TZ2551 VTech EV2650 Motorola MD681 Uniden TRU-8885 Uniden DCT6485 General Electric … Continue reading

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