How You’re Treated When You Shop Online Depends on Your Secret Score

Are you paranoid, frustrated, angry, or scared about how much “the net” knows about you and your online activities? Those fears may be justified. It seems there is a “deep state” cluster of companies you’ve likely never heard of that collect, compile, and analyze your online commerce activities and interactions – what you’ve bought from where and who and on which device, who and how you’ve corresponded with or complained to about purchases or services, etc.

Perhaps more frightening, many of these companies not only collect and AI analyze these often intimate interactions, but they sell this data to clients. You’re assigned a “score,” something like a credit rating or an Uber rating that impacts how commerce companies treat you online, or even whether you can get a job. Unlike a credit score, however, there’s no one to protest to if you don’t like your online activity score – assuming you could even access it.

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