My CES 2020 Coverage

FCC chair Ajit Pai discussing net neutrality and 5G with CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro at CES 2020

As I have for the last 35 years or so, I helped cover the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the official CES Show Daily, published by TWICE. Here is a sampling some of my pre-show and on-the-spot reporting.

FCC Chair Pai Makes First CES Appearance; ‘New Net Neutrality Rules Working’

LG Looks to Create ‘Anywhere Is Home’ AI-Powered IoT Ecosystem

Real-World Medical Tricorder and Live Translator Tie for Last Gadget Standing

CES Panelists: Federal Law Needed to Balance Privacy and Innovation

Living in Digital Times Matches New Tech With Context

New Mandatory HDMI Cable Certification Assures HDMI 2.1, 8K Support

NextGen TV for 4K TV Broadcasting Officially Launches at CES 2020

5G Will Change Your Life

Aging-at-Home Kit Maker Wins Showstoppers LaunchIt

New Health/Wellness Products Make Debut at CES 2020

Is 8K Ready For Prime Time?

TiVo Unveils Stream 4K Streaming Dongle

Wireless Power Transmission Tech Seeks CES Breakthrough

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