Nikola Tesla Wardenclyffe Museum

Yesterday (May 2), the folks at the Tesla Science Center, with help from a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo, finally bought Tesla’s Wardenclyffe lab site in Shoreham, NY. Read the whole story here.

Here’s a before/artist’s rendering after shot of the main building, which someday will be turned into a museum and science/tech learning center (click on photo for larger image).


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  1. Annie Wyers says:

    Tesla wrote in his 1916 Patent #1266175 for Lightning Protection “I produced artificial lightning, coupled up to many times that in nature with my Tower, Wardenclyffe” and sent power wirelessly, without loss to any point on the earth. (Tesla Patents 645576, 649621, 685012, 685957, 787412, 1119732)

    “If in a Thunderstorm, the Earth (or my Tower, Wardenclyffe) was struck with Lightning, it creates concentric waves, that slowly circle the planet and come back where they started”

    June 15, 1903 the “New York Sun” wrote:”people living near Tesla’s laboratory at Long Island were intrigued very much in his experiments with wireless energy transmission. Last night they were the witnesses of a very strange phenomena – multicolored lightning made by Tesla himself, the inflammation of the atmospheric layers at different altitudes and along the New York territory, Night suddenly turned to day. At times, the air was full of luminescence, concentrated along the edges of human body, and people radiated a mysterious shine or glow. They seemed to be (as) ghosts.”

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