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SmartTechCheck Podcast: Netflix subscriber woes, Sonos voice assistant rumor, Dish’s 5G rollout

Host Mark Vena, Rob Pegoraro, and I tackle Netflix’s subscriber problems, rumors surfacing around a new voice assistant from Sonos and Dish’s initial 5G rollout. Watch the podcast here at YouTube.com.

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25 Years Ago Today: DirecTV Is Born

On a sweltering Friday morning, June 17, 1994, Lemoyne Martin strode past a queue of around 150 other potential buyers and a phalanx of media at Cowboy Maloney’s 1-55 North store. He handed over nearly $1,000 to tuxedo-clad salesman, Ty … Continue reading

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Is UHD Blu-ray The Last Gasp of Packaged Media?

Considering the popularity of UHD TVs and the dearth of 4K content, you’d think UHD TV buyers would be snapping up UHD BD decks and UHD Blu-ray titles. Surprisingly, not so much. Found out what this means here.

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Voom (HD satellite system)

This is a review I wrote for CNET on the now-defunct Voom satellite TV service.

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