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SmartTechCheck Podcast: Hybrid cars losing appeal, social media lawsuit legislation, and bots

Host Mark Vena, Rob Pegoraro, John Quain, and I discuss how hybrid cars are losing their appeal, legislation that permits social media lawsuits when harm is caused and how “bots” are wreaking consumer havoc with hard-to-fine products. Watch this podcast … Continue reading

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SmartTechCheck Podcast: Broadband role in Infrastructure law, Facebook woes, hacking arrests

My November 10, 2021, appearance on the SmartTechCheck podcast with host Mark Vena and fellow tech reporters John Quain and Rob Pegoraro. This week we discussed how legislation can’t keep up with technology, Facebook’s ongoing woes, and recent hacking arrests. … Continue reading

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Redefining Social Media Could Destroy It

Platform/bulletin board or publisher? That is the social media industry legal question at the heart of the recent dust-up between Twitter and President Trump. A desire by the Administration to reclassify social media companies as publishers responsible for content could … Continue reading

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