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Top 10 Gadgets of the Last 50 Years

  As part of the CES 50th anniversary commemoration, in my role as newly-minted historian for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA, the industry and lobbying group who produce CES), I helped collect around three dozen historically significant gadgets for display. … Continue reading

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Is This The Best Wi-Fi Router Ever?

Another Huffington Post post on a new Wi-Fi router called Portal that I can’t wait to try out, which you can read here.

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Before You Can Binge Watch, You Have To Binge Wait

Following the series finale montage broadcast during the Emmys Sunday night, there was an online backlash at all the spoilers revealed. Poo-pooers correctly noted that these shows ended their runs months ago and the endings were long-ago revealed – is … Continue reading

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5 Reasons NOT To Buy a 4K UHD TV – Yet

At the time this screed was written for the Huffington Post, the issue of HDR compatibility as well as the lack of flat, an update to HDMI to accommodate HDR technologies, and the lack of flat OLED models had been … Continue reading

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The Best Tech Father’s (or Mother’s) Day Gift

While targeted at this Hallmark holidays, this gift idea I wrote about for the Huffington Post is appropriate for any occasion and will give you and your parents and/or grandparents much nachas (or naches).

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Hillary Didn’t Backup, But You Should

In this Huffington Post post, I’m not commenting on the political pros or cons of Hillary’s email erasure contretemps (okay, maybe I am, a little), but on the general need to backup your files so what happened to Hillary doesn’t … Continue reading

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Don’t Settle for Lousy Home Wi-Fi

Considering how important connecting to the net is becoming, what with 4K video streaming and the like, it’s surprising how slow American’s connections are. Here’s how to maximize your Wi-Fi connections at home.

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Is This The Car of Our Future?

Here’s my Huffington Post column on what I thought was the coolest thing I saw at CES and most important technology I’ve seen in years – Toyota’s Mirai, whose electric engine runs on non-polluting hydrogen. Talk about energy independence… Is … Continue reading

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4.7- or 5.5-inch — Which iPhone 6 Should You Buy?

An answer to an upcoming dilemma, on Huffington Post.

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Here Comes (Finally!) the Goddamn Tesla Museum

Last week, to commemorate Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday, the media made much of the million dollar contribution by Elon Musk (he who appropriated Tesla’s name for his electronic car company) to help transform the Serbian-born scientist’s Wardenclyffe Labs, located in Shoreham on the north … Continue reading

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