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SmartTechCheck Podcast: Smartphone Commoditization, ChatGPT, Bard, Washington vs. Tech 

I join host SmartTechCheckMark Vena and tech journalist Rob Pegoraro to discuss the of the smartphone market, tech industry battles with the Federal government, the rise of ChatCPT and Bard, and how the big tech companies are trying to reduce … Continue reading

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The Consumer Technology Business In 2022: A Return To Normalcy?

As the impact of the pandemic and supply chain problems fade, and even considering lingering economic uncertainty, a sense of normalcy seems to have returned to the consumer tech industry in 2022. Read the rest of this story here at … Continue reading

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CTA To Lawmakers: End ‘Failed’ Chinese Tariffs

CTA study finds consumer tech industry has paid nearly $40 billion in Chinese tariffs, essentially “taxes paid by American businesses and consumers,” and calls for Congress to eliminate them. Read this report here at TWICE.com.

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