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Bad Wi-Fi? How To Choose Between an Extender and Mesh

Most of us are, at one time or another, likely unhappy with our home Wi-Fi. Netflix buffers too often. Skype or FaceTime connections are blurry, and an online game stalls as a roommate streams video. Wi-Fi reception is great in … Continue reading

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Review: Netgear Orbi Voice combines a router with a smart speaker

Merging two different devices into a single product is not usually a good idea. If something goes wrong with one — the entire item is useless. That’s something Netgear has avoided with the Orbi Voice, an Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker that … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mesh Could Steal CES Smart-Home Spotlight

My analysis of the growth of the smart home market for the CES issue of TWICE, which you can read here.

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