The Best Hisense TVs to Buy Now

From first-run Hollywood films to binge-worthy series, there’s lots of great stuff to watch at home. Each time you dive into an exciting movie or show, you tell yourself it’s time for a bigger, more immersive home theater TV—as long as it doesn’t cost too much. As you scour stores and sites for the best big-screen TV bargains from all the well-known brands, you may have stumbled across inexpensive models from this unfamiliar company: Hisense. Chances are you probably thought…um, Hi-who? If Hisense isn’t on your radar, if the name seems a bit too…generic, or if the prices seem too impossibly low for a quality TV, I’m able to set your mind at ease. Hisense TVs are the real deal.

Read the rest of this roundup here at Popular Mechanics.

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