Jabra Enhance Plus OTC Hearing Aids: Less Than Expected and Hoped For

So-called “self-fitting” non-prescription over the counter (OTC) hearing aids are becoming available in two form-factors. First, “invisible” models are designed to be heard through and not seen and worn all day. These more traditional hearing aids might include Bluetooth for phone calls, but if they do have Bluetooth, there will be no or poor music playback capabilities. The second OTC type of hearing aid essentially looks and acts like today’s Bluetooth earbuds, which are designed for music and calls but with added medical-grade sound amplification capabilities. These earbud-style OTC hearing aids are designed more for occasional hearing amplification when needed. With its Enhance Plus OTC hearing aids ($799), Jabra, part of GN, which makes ReSound-branded prescription hearing aids, takes the second approach.

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What To Expect At CES 2023 And This Holiday Season

CES is usually all about innovation. The focus at CES 2023, however, will be on more than just innovation, but innovation with a purpose. At CES Unveiled in New York City on November 16, 2022, CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro laid out modern rights that CES and consumer technology would address under the Human Security for All rubric, as well as what to expect at CES, and what consumers would buy and want to receive as gifts during the holiday shopping season.

Read the entirety of this report here at TWICE.com.

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How Mars’ Digital Transformation Is Accelerating Its Sustainability Commitments

Digitization and sustainability: two sides of the same coin. But how can brands balance the two? Petcare, food, and snack company Mars, Inc., has seemingly figured out how to meld the two together as  part of its change management journey.

Read this entire article here at Consumer Goods.

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Consumer Goods Technology Sales & Marketing Summit coverage

My coverage of the Consumer Goods Technology Sales & Marketing Summit for Consumer Goods Technology.

How DTC Is Shifting Beyond Online Shopping

Combe International: A Case Study In Immersive Transformation

The Art and Science of Loyalty Requires a Happy Marriage With Consumers

How to Get Leadership Buy-In on Emerging Retail Media Opportunities

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Holiday Prep: Don’t Forget The Extended Warranty

“Would you like fries with that?” was often the way selling extended warrantees was described by consumer technology retailers. And for old-style and expensive mechanical devices such as CD/DVD players and VCRs, buying an extended warranty made perfect sense to consumers – assuming the consumer trusted the issuer of the warranty.

Read the rest of this report on modern extended warranties here at TWICE.com.

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SmartTechCheck Podcast: OTC Hearing Aids, Starlink, Elon Musk, macOS Ventura, Continuity Camera

I, host Mark Vena, and my fellow tech journalist John Quain take on OTC hearing aids, Starlink, LinkedIn user “experimentation” and macOS Ventura’s Continuity Camera feature on this week’s SmartTechCheck podcast.

Watch the podcast here on YouTube.

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P&G Innovates Data-Driven Sustainability Roadmap

Sustainability has become a fashionable corporate concept at times, and consumer goods companies revel in touting their eco-efforts. But shrinking corporate carbon footprints is not merely about creating sustainable supply chains and products, but to ensure sustainability efforts are, well, sustainable.

Read the rest of this recap here at Consumer Goods Technology.

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Last Minute Holiday Prep: What Dealers Are Doing Differently This Season

Just like the Grinch discovered, the holidays come no matter what we do. What are retailers doing differently this season to meet their customer’s needs and spread holiday cheer?

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Are Industry Trade Shows Back?

As Covid threats seemingly diminish and society returns to some semblance of “normal,” the question for industry folks is – to paraphrase The Clash – should you stay or should you go…to trade shows?

Read the rest of this report here at TWICE.com.

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OTC Hearing Aids: A New Consumer Tech Product Category Opportunity

What do earbud makers and consumer tech retailers need to know about getting into the OTC hearing aid business?

Read the rest of this report here at TWICE.com.

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