10 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Online Security

In order to attack your computer, hackers often rely on your carelessness. While antivirus software protection is a must, it should be considered only as a complement to smart online behavior. Here are the top 10 things you can do that makes antivirus software merely a nice-to-have safety net rather than a necessary suit of armor, and all of them are free.

Read these online safety tips here at Techlicious.com.

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Top 10 Back-to-School Gear

If our national health luck holds up, a host of young scholars will physically return to the classroom in a month or so. Even if young scholars continue their education virtually, they’ll need the right gear to smooth their studying. Here are 10 tech-forward back-to-school pieces of gear.

See the list here at TWICE.com.https://www.twice.com/retailing/top-10-back-to-school-gear?amp

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Business in the COVID-19 Era? ‘Challenging’

In-store traffic is down. Staffing presents uncomfortable and conflicting moral and economic conundrums. Vendors can’t seem to produce the products they want or deliver the products retailers need. Retailers are discovering demand for products in unexpected volumes.

And yet….

Read the rest of this report here at TWICE.com.

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COVID-19 Uncertainty Clouds Q4 Outlook

Will we experience a second wave of coronavirus – or an extended first wave – that will stall economic revival through the fall? How do consumer technology retailers and vendors plan for the holiday season with so many unknowns?

Read the rest of this report here at TWICE.com.

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Huge Changes Coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps

Today, at WWDC20, Apple unveiled a multitude of improvements coming to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. The new features will come with the release of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and MacOS X Big Sur later this year and function across all of these devices. So you’ll find continuity in the way Messages, Maps, Siri and home screen widgets work and enhanced privacy and security features across the board. Here’s what to expect.

Read the rest of this report here at Techlicious.com.

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Redefining Social Media Could Destroy It

Platform/bulletin board or publisher? That is the social media industry legal question at the heart of the recent dust-up between Twitter and President Trump. A desire by the Administration to reclassify social media companies as publishers responsible for content could represent an existential threat to the industry.

Read this entire story here at The Digital Riff at Digital Tech Consulting.

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COVID Prompts Higher Appliance Replacements

Wary of in-home repair in the age of COVID, consumers are opting more than ever to replace their quickly-aging appliances.

Read this report here at TWICE.com.

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Face-Off: Noise-Canceling True Wireless Earbuds

While isolation is a novel and challenging concept for many folks during these strange times, isolation from external sound is considered nirvana by music aficionados. Also, donning a pair of cans or buds and turning the music up to 11 can provide a temporary turn-on, tune-in, drop-out emotional escape for those stuck in a sheltered-in-place household where everyone is getting on each other’s nerves.

Read the rest of this review round-up of noise canceling true wireless buds here at Sound & Vision.

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How To Buy Antivirus Software

I wrote a whole series of reviews and how-tos on antivirus software for U.S. News 360 Reviews. Here is the list of reports.

How to Buy Antivirus Software

How Does Antivirus Software Work?

Cheapest Antivirus Software of 2020

Cheapest Antivirus Software for Mac 2020

Avast vs. AVG

Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky

McAfee vs. Norton

McAfee vs. Trend Micro

Windows Defender vs. McAfee

AVG Antivirus Review and Prices

ESET Antivirus Review and Prices

F-Secure Antivirus Review and Prices

Intego Antivirus Review and Prices

Kaspersky Antivirus Review and Prices

McAfee Antivirus Review and Prices

Norton Antivirus Review and Prices

Sophos Antivirus Review and Prices

Trend Micro Antivirus Review and Prices

Webroot Antivirus Review and Prices

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5G’s Historically Bizarre Rollout

Technology rollouts are often messy. Multiple vendors propose competing (and often incompatible) variations in the hope of capturing the golden ticket to new market dominance. Entrenched interests campaign, lobby against or even legally threaten their eventual replacement. Technology misunderstanding or misrepresentation, plus chicken/egg content vs. hardware imbalance, often stall consumer adoption. Copycats flood the market creating an unsustainable market over-saturation. The bubble eventually bursts, leaving a trail of destruction of few winners and many losers.

You know… the usual.

Read the rest of this post here at Digital Tech Technology’s The Weekly Riff.http://www.dtcreports.com/weeklyriff/2020/06/01/5gs-historically-bizarre-rollout/

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