Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s new second-generation Galaxy Buds, the Buds Pro ($199.99), takes a well-deserved place among the upper tier of great-sounding buds with effective noise canceling. But one feature separates the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro from all other true-wireless buds: the best ambient sound mode we’ve encountered. Here’s what you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

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My CES 2021 Show Daily Coverage

Here is some of my Show Daily coverage from the virtual CES 2021. Click on each page image to enlarge.

CES 2021 Panel: Future Of Contactless Shopping

CES 2021 Panel: Retail’s New Look – Shopper’s Little Helpers

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QLED vs Mini-LED vs OLED: What’s the Difference?

QLED, MicroLED, Mini-LED, OLED: Myriad TVs featuring one or more of these LED technologies are being unveiled this week at CES 2021. Even though they share an acronym, these LED TV technologies are as different from one another as Andrew Jackson, Janet Jackson, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Shirley Jackson, and Jackson Pollock are other than their names.

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NextGen TV To Deliver 4K TV For More Broadcasters, TVs, And STBs

Slowly but surely, broadcasters are beginning to adopt 4K TV via the ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV standard, along with an expanded number of TVs at CES.

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11 Top Stocking Stuffers To Make Retailer’s Q4 Jolly

Here are 11 new small, inexpensive gadgets to help your customers economically fill the stockings of everyone on their gift list this holiday season.

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Happy 100th Birthday, Consumer Technology Business

Celebrating the 100th birthday of the consumer technology industry with the story behind how and why our business came to be and of those responsible for creating it, in five parts:

Part 1: The Wireless Age

Part 2: A National Priority

Part 3: A Pittsburgh Radio Sensation

Part 4: The Birth of a Business

Part 5: “When The Public Is Ready For Mass Demand”

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How the Consumer Technology Industry Was Born

What we now call the consumer technology industry was born November 30, 1920, when the first consumer electronics product, the two-piece RA-DA, the first commercially produced radio designed for the mass market, rolled off the Westinghouse assembly line in East Pittsburgh. After a two-year period of hectic technological, business and legislative/regulatory developments following the end of World War I, the Westinghouse RA-DA and the entire radio industry emerged, becoming the dominant consumer technology product for three decades. On the centennial of our industry, let’s take a look at the events of 1919-1920 that cleared the way for the future.

Part 1: The Day Radio Died

Part 2: How the Consumer Technology Industry Was Almost Never Born

Part 3: How President Wilson Shaped the Airways

Part 4: Happy 100th Birthday To The Consumer Technology Industry

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Should There be a Broadband New Deal?

On a make-shift stage before 50,000 people in rural Barnesville, Georgia, the President of the United States stressed the importance of universal connectivity. He insisted that the lack of access to connectivity created “an economic unbalance in the nation as a whole…an unbalance that can and must be righted, righted for the sake of the…Nation.”

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Best Internet Providers in…

Here are a series of examinations of the available ISPs in a number of disparate cities across the U.S. from U.S. News & World Report:

Best Internet Providers in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Best Internet Providers in Atlanta, Georgia

Best Internet Providers in Augusta, Georgia

Best Internet Providers in Austin, Texas

Best Internet Providers in Bakersfield, California

Best Internet Providers in Baltimore, Maryland

Best Internet Providers in Bellevue, Washington

Best Internet Providers in Blacksburg, Virginia

Best Internet Providers in Bloomington, Indiana

Best Internet Providers in Brooklyn, New York

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12 Useful Gifts Under $50

A tight budget doesn’t mean you need to fill stockings with a funny coffee mug, socks, or an impersonal $25 Amazon gift card. Here are a dozen cool new gadgets for less than 50 bucks each.

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