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SmartTechCheck Podcast Bluetooth 5.2, iOS 16 bugs and benefits of ‘smart’ air purifiers

SmartTechCheck host Mark Vena, fellow tech journalist John Quain and I take on bugs with the new iOS 16, the benefits of “smart” air purifiers, and disruptive new features in Bluetooth 5.2. Watch this week’s SmartTechCheck episode here on YouTube.

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Help Your Employees Stay Engaged, And Stay!

Employers are wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth trying to grok the Great Resignation. “If you are thinking, ‘Oh good, the pandemic is over and now things can return to normal,’ you had better think again,” advises Ted Green, president … Continue reading

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CTA: Expect Robust Q4, $500b In U.S. Tech Sales in 2022

Despite chip shortages, supply chain problems, and staffing issues, demand and sales for consumer tech – especially WFH and home entertainment devices – has and will remain high through the holiday season and next year. Read this report here at … Continue reading

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Another View: Fry’s – Victim Of Self-Inflicted Wounds

It might seem the combination of COVID-19 and e-commerce competition doomed beloved geek retailer Fry’s, the retailer actually failed as a result of its inability – or disinterest – to evolve and pay its vendors. Read the rest of this report here … Continue reading

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CES 2021: Some Of The Coolest Gadgets We Saw

Mini- and MicroLED big screen TVs. Autonomous driving car tech. Gaming PCs and accessories. Smart appliances and smart home. Robots. 5G. COVID COVID COVID health/wellness-related products. Work-from-home office tech. These are all products and technologies we expected to see represented … Continue reading

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Business in the COVID-19 Era? ‘Challenging’

In-store traffic is down. Staffing presents uncomfortable and conflicting moral and economic conundrums. Vendors can’t seem to produce the products they want or deliver the products retailers need. Retailers are discovering demand for products in unexpected volumes. And yet…. Read … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Uncertainty Clouds Q4 Outlook

Will we experience a second wave of coronavirus – or an extended first wave – that will stall economic revival through the fall? How do consumer technology retailers and vendors plan for the holiday season with so many unknowns? Read the rest … Continue reading

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COVID Prompts Higher Appliance Replacements

Wary of in-home repair in the age of COVID, consumers are opting more than ever to replace their quickly-aging appliances. Read this report here at TWICE.com.

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5G’s Historically Bizarre Rollout

Technology rollouts are often messy. Multiple vendors propose competing (and often incompatible) variations in the hope of capturing the golden ticket to new market dominance. Entrenched interests campaign, lobby against or even legally threaten their eventual replacement. Technology misunderstanding or … Continue reading

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Our Video Chatting New Normal

Odds are, over the last two months or so, you’ve Zoomed, Skyped, FaceTimed, Webexed, Housepartied or Hangout-ed—likely more times than your combined lifetime total of video chatting. And when you aren’t video chatting, you’re watching someone else video chatting on … Continue reading

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