Top 10 Ways CE Retailers Can Cope During COVID-19 Crisis

Even though your customers may be sheltering-in-place doesn’t mean they’re sitting around their kitchen tables staring blankly at each other. Consumers are working, learning and yearning to be entertained at home, so access to home technology becomes even more critical as consumers cope with the sequestering impact of coronavirus.

COVID-19 means you’ll get less in-store traffic, but not necessarily less business. Here are 10 ways to not only keep your local tech retail business healthy, but help your neighbors through these socially-distancing times.

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The Best Printer for 2020

Yes, printers are still a thing. Despite the near ubiquity of digital displays — from phones to laptops to TVs — there are still times when you need a hard copy. Shopping for a printer can be a bewildering process, however, given the sheer number of them the market. The labyrinth of arcane model names and numbers, technical specs and variables can make printers particularly challenging to compare and contrast. 

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Four Stylish New Over-the-counter Hearing Aids

Eargo Neo HiFi

Coloring your hair can conceal creeping gray, but it’s harder to disguise another age indicator, hearing loss. That’s especially true if you refuse to wear a hearing aid because you think your only option is the large old-fashioned variety. Today’s over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are either nearly invisible or come in stylish designs that look like traditional in-ear headphones. 

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Are Game Designers, Retailers Missing An Untapped Customer Base?

When someone mentions “gamers,” the stereotypical visual that’s conjured is of an engrossed male teenager. If you create, market or sell games and gaming gear with this male Gen Z stereotype as your avatar, not only is this image incomplete, you could be both eliminating and alienating a huge potential customer base – women.

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TCL Teases Flexible AMOLED Smartphone Prototypes

Foldable phones such as the aptly-named Samsung Galaxy Fold, its second-generation successor the Galaxy Z Flip, and the reborn Motorola RAZR, are suddenly…a thing. So self-professed “fast follower” TCL, which will enter the U.S. smartphone market this spring with its solid Series 10 line, is playing with three dozen foldable/flexible AMOLED screen prototypes for possible future release. The company is trying to figure out not only what flex screen and hinge technologies will and won’t work, but what form factors would excite the market. We got a chance to play with three of TCL’s flexible smartphone screen experiments.

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Pro-Installed vs. DIY Home Security Systems

When purchasing a home security system, one of the first decisions is whether to install it yourself or have a professional install it for you. The equipment needed to safeguard your home – primarily security cameras (indoor, outdoor, and doorbell), window and door sensors, motion detectors, and a keypad controller/hub – are pretty similar in capabilities and features whether you go the DIY or professionally installed route. 

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Auto Tech Exhibits To Move To New LVCC West Hall For CES 2021

While CES 2020 has entered the history books, CES 2021 promises to make history. That’s because next year’s CES will now include the new West Hall, the behemoth construction this year’s show attendees saw rising majestically in what had been the parking lots across Paradise Road from North Hall.

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Our Favorite 7 Cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones

Buying one of the three new Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra phones is an investment,with prices starting at just under $1,000. And like with any sizable investment you make, you’ll want to protect it – in this instance with a case. Here are our top Samsung Galaxy S20 protection choices for fashionistas, the over-protective, and everyone else who wants to ensure their S20 investment remains intact.

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My CES 2020 Coverage

FCC chair Ajit Pai discussing net neutrality and 5G with CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro at CES 2020

As I have for the last 35 years or so, I helped cover the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the official CES Show Daily, published by TWICE. Here is a sampling some of my pre-show and on-the-spot reporting.

FCC Chair Pai Makes First CES Appearance; ‘New Net Neutrality Rules Working’

LG Looks to Create ‘Anywhere Is Home’ AI-Powered IoT Ecosystem

Real-World Medical Tricorder and Live Translator Tie for Last Gadget Standing

CES Panelists: Federal Law Needed to Balance Privacy and Innovation

Living in Digital Times Matches New Tech With Context

New Mandatory HDMI Cable Certification Assures HDMI 2.1, 8K Support

NextGen TV for 4K TV Broadcasting Officially Launches at CES 2020

5G Will Change Your Life

Aging-at-Home Kit Maker Wins Showstoppers LaunchIt

New Health/Wellness Products Make Debut at CES 2020

Is 8K Ready For Prime Time?

TiVo Unveils Stream 4K Streaming Dongle

Wireless Power Transmission Tech Seeks CES Breakthrough

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Techlicious Top Picks of CES 2020 Awards

I contributed to Techlicious’ top CES 2020 top products roundup. You can read the entire roundup of products here.

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