5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home

Smart locks that supplement or replace your front door deadbolt do much more than lock and unlock your door without a key. Most smart locks (and all of the locks on our top picks list) let you receive alerts and track who’s entering and leaving your abode; email limited-access digital “keys” to visitors, children, trusted service workers or guests when you’re not home; and remotely lock and unlock when you’re away from home.

Some smart locks are compatible with smart home ecosystems such as Nest, the Apple HomeKit and Google Home. They can be locked or unlocked as part of a group operation; for example, you could program a night mode action that locks the doors and also turns off the lights and closes the shades. A smart lock can be handy when paired with a compatible smart doorbell. If a friend, family member or service worker rings your smart doorbell while you’re away, you can visually confirm who it is via the smart doorbell, then remotely unlock the door to let them in.

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The 8K TV Shanda

TV makers, attempting to cure themselves of their self-inflicted 4K narrow-margin woes, are again hawking a shiny new—and expensive—technology that offers few near-term consumer benefits. The question for TV makers and the marketplace is this: Will 8K provide more evidence for the oft-quoted definition of insanity—that is, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result—or does 8K have better long-term prospects than the two previous failed TV maker margin-increasing attempts, 3D and curved TVs?

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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy 10 and Galaxy Fold Phones

Samsung just unleashed arguably the most impressive array of new mobile devices and worlds-first mobile technologies in the short history of the smartphone. The latest lineup of Galaxy smartphones includes the S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G and Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the real stand-out: it’s the world’s first seamless foldable phone. This 4.6-inch phone opens like a book to present a single 7.3-inch tablet display.

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12 Techiest Tech Toys from Toy Fair 2019 (Plus 1)

Amidst the usual multitude of plush toys, licensed action figures, toy, RC and ride-in/on vehicles, construction kits, books, games, and other indoor and outdoor playthings at Toy Fair 2019, taking place at New York City’s Javits Center this week, are a growing number of toys that teach coding. 

These coding edutainment toys, many aimed at preschoolers, include build-your-own action and art robots, stackable blocks and programmable pets, some designed to teach your youngster how to code before learning how to read. Also a major trend for the toys your kids will be clamoring for this year are those with augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR) elements to transport your prodigy into new environments to both teach and entertain.

Read more about the top tech toys at this year’s Toy Fair at GearBrain.com.

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Review of the Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Let’s face it. The process of digitizing photos is mind-numbingly slow: the laying of each photo on the scanner and waiting the agonizing minutes for each to be scanned, then saving each photo. And many of these photos are likely faded or discolored so you’ll want to do at least some minimal enhancements. Facing this tiresome time-consuming task keeps those old photos stuck in their drawers and shoeboxes. But not anymore.

Epson’s new (and aptly-named) FastFoto FF-680W ($599.99 on Epson, check price on Amazon) is so fast and easy, it makes digitizing photos fun.

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Motorola’s G7 Phones Offer Premium Features at Budget Prices

You’d ideally love to buy a bleeding-edge smartphone, but don’t love the idea of spending a great deal of money on one. Motorola’s three new Moto g7 series smartphones – the Moto g7 Play, the Moto g7 Power and the plain Moto g7, due to go on sale this spring, may offer the perfect balance between features and cost with three modern models priced at just $199, $249 and $299, respectively.

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High-End & High-Tech Comfort In Every(!) Room Of The House

Considering the high number of intensely personal activities performed behind their closed doors, it’s somewhat surprising that the bathroom is seen as the last high-tech-free bastion. But bathroom fixture and accessory suppliers are making up for lost time by creating a wide swath of smart personal care and hygiene products that increase both bathroom comfort and utility.

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High-Tech Luxe Beds Know How You’re Sleeping (And Snoring)

A high-tech bedroom used to mean a rotating or vibrating bed (or both), strobe or not-too-subtle colored lighting, and perhaps Barry White sensually crooning from in-wall speakers. But at least three bed makers — Sleep Number, Magniflex and Duxiana — are integrating smart technologies into their mattresses and box springs to aid REM rather than ribaldry.

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Wi-Fi 6 Routers: The best internet connection you can buy today

A new age of speedy wireless internet connectivity is upon us, thanks to not only the possibly over-hyped 5G (mass rollout of which is not really due until next year) but the next generation Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax, aka Wi-Fi 6.

Put simply, Wi-Fi 6 makes possible speeds of up to and possibly exceeding 1Gbps, three times faster than current Wi-Fi 5 (aka 802.11ac). 

Read the rest of this report on Wi-Fi 6 at GearBrain.com.

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My CES 2019 Coverage

Here’s some of my coverage of CES 2019 for the TWICE Show Daily, distributed daily on the show floor.

CES 2019 Was The 8K TV Show – For 8K TV Vendors

CES 2019: TV Makers Form 8K Association

CES 2019: Sony’s Tech And Entertainment Divisions Are Finally In Tune

Speaking Out On Voice Assistant Adoption

Android TV: Bringing Google Assistant And Search To Television

How Disruptive Can VR/AR Become?

TCL: We’re More Than TV

CES 2019: Samsung Unveils 75-Inch Micro LED 4K TV

Wireless Power Revolution Ignited At CES

Becoming a Tech Disruptor or Innovator: What’s The Secret?

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