Review: Netgear Orbi Voice combines a router with a smart speaker

Merging two different devices into a single product is not usually a good idea. If something goes wrong with one — the entire item is useless. That’s something Netgear has avoided with the Orbi Voice, an Amazon Alexa-enabled smart speaker that doubles as a satellite in Netgear’s Orbi Wi-Fi mesh system.

With Orbi Voice, neither the smart speaker nor the Wi-Fi mesh satellite is primarily mechanical — so there is less of a chance one will fail and taking the other with it. At the same time, you’re replacing two boring white boxes with one item.

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The New iPad Pro Delivers More Bang for Your Buck

For heavy-duty artistic types, the two new iPad Pros that Apple announced today offer more bang for your buck. Thanks to shrunken bezels, you’ll get more screen in less space; Apple fit a new higher-resolution 2388 x 1668 pixel 11-inch Liquid Retina LCD display into the same space as the original 10.5-inch model, and the 2732 x 2048-pixel 12.9-inch version is 25 percent smaller than the original, around the area of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

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Apple Unveils the Long-Awaited Redesign of the MacBook Air

After an unusually lengthy lag between upgrades, Apple has finally unveiled an all-new redesigned Apple MacBook Air, with a sharper, higher resolution 13.3-inch Retina Display offering four times the resolution as the screen on its last Air edition, packed in an all-recycled aluminum enclosure that’s 17 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter.

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Flashback 1998: A Compressed History of the Digital Music Player

A momentous occasion in the evolution of recorded music occurred 20 years ago when a California district court ruled to allow the sale of a curious new portable music player in the face of opposition from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Here’s a compressed history of the events surrounding the birth of the MP3 player.

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11 Steps To Easily Set Up Your New iPhone XS, XS Max & XR

If you have bought a new iPhone XS, XS Max or, this month, an XR, follow these steps for the best way get it up and running quickly and smoothly. And then, take time to tweak some of the settings for a more enjoyable iOS 12 experience.

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What To Know About IMAX Enhanced

After more than a generation of home theater being a thing, two companies — IMAX and DTS — have combined to create the first single certification for both home theater video and audio gear called IMAX Enhanced.

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Apple iPhone XS Max Review: 7 reasons to buy the smartphone (and 3 reasons maybe not)

No sense in beating about the bush. Apple’s new iPhone XS Max is the best smartphone the company that invented the modern smartphone has ever made. This assertion, by extension, arguably makes the Apple’s new iPhone XS Max the best smartphone ever made.

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Get Ready for a Long Road to 8K

On the surface, all this 8K attention seems bonkers. Outside of a handful of 8K travelogue videos on YouTube content from Japanese broadcaster NHK, there is no 8K content anyone can watch at home.

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Nixplay Seed Review: A smart digital photo frame that’s quirky but effective

Nixplay is trying to boost the dumb digital photo frame by introducing a degree of intelligence and versatility into its offerings. The most intriguing are its Seed Wi-Fi Amazon Alexa-enabled models, which come in rectangular 8- and 10-inch editions ($139.99 and $179.99, respectively), and widescreen with both a 10.1- and 13.3-inch version ($149.99 and $209.99, respectively). We’re focusing on the latter in our review.

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Apple Announces 3 New iPhones

Apple today unveiled new three new iPhone X models (pronounced iPhone ten), including the largest iPhone ever, the XS Max, and a new entry-level iPhone, the XR. All the new Apple devices are powered by new, more powerful and more energy-efficient chips that enable longer battery life and enhanced first-ever features, rather than the usual minor improvements in the company’s second-generation “S”-labeled upgrades.

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