My Smart Home Reporting for Gear Brain

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You can find the bulk of the stories I’ve been writing and will be writing on smart home technologies for Gear Brain, a new IoT site for consumers, here.

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Is This The Best Wi-Fi Router Ever?


Another Huffington Post post on a new Wi-Fi router called Portal that I can’t wait to try out.

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HP Wants To Re-Invent PCs With New Back-to-School Pavilion Line

16 5-3 HP laptops digital threadHey, look – actual non-CES news coverage! A recap of HP’s new 2016 back-to-school PC lineup for TWICE.

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8 Takeaways From IFA’s Inaugural CE China Show

CE China sign

I just flew back from China (and boy are my arms tired) from IFA’s inaugural CE China show. You can read my report in TWICE here.

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Welcome to TV’s 5th Wave

A piece exploring the historical waves of country-dominated TV suppliers over the last 50 years from the U.S. to Europe to Japan to Korea and now, maybe China? – for Digital Technology Consulting. Read on here.

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Now Is the Time to Buy a 4K TV—But Which One?

4k TV

A piece on how to buy a 4K TV in 2016 for (via eBay), which you can read here – and, yes, I know “FALD” stands for “full array local dimming.” Don’t ask.

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How To Buy A Smart Security Camera

Baby security

Baby security

The headline is pretty much exclamatory for this piece (via eBay), which you can read here.

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Could Drones-With-Cameras Soar Past Action Cam Sales?

DJI Phantom 4

At an atypical press event last week, dominant drone market leader DJI announced its new advanced Phantom 4, a $1,400 model with a 4K camera mounted underneath. What was atypical was the broad-based press event itself, something the company has not been known for.

Read the rest here.

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What Is a Smart Door Lock—and Do You Need One?


This is a self-exclamatory piece I did on smart locks for

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Happy 125th Birthday, David Sarnoff (David Who?)


It is so frustrating that people even within the consumer electronics industry don’t know who David Sarnoff is. I took the opportunity of his 125th birthday (Feb. 27) to explore Sarnoff’s unparalleled impact on technology for a huge chunk of the 20th century for re/code. You can read why David Sarnoff should be mentioned in the same breath as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates here.

Unfortunately, a quote I got from CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro that, for some reason, didn’t get into the piece. For the record, here it is:

“David Sarnoff was an American tech entrepreneur – a pioneer in  television and radio – who laid the foundation for today’s innovation economy. Thanks to Sarnoff, we can watch our favorite programs and movies at home and in color. Sarnoff’s contributions paved the way for today’s best home viewing experience – Ultra High Definition television – as well as video streaming. Happy Birthday to the General!”


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