50th Anniversary of CES

The first CES took place June 25-28, 1967, and I wrote numerous (admittedly similar) pieces about it for:

TWICE – CES Turns 50

Sound & Vision – CES at 50: From Humble Origins to Global Showcase

Dealerscope – CES: The Summer of Love and the First CES

Huffington Post – CES: Previewing the Future for 50 Years

CTA i3 Blog – Happy Birthday, CES!

DTC Digital Riff blog – CES at 50: Lessons Still Not Learned

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The Current War: Edison v. Tesla Comes To Hollywood

Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison, electrocuting animals in an attempt to establish his direct current (DC) to be the electricity standard vs. Tesla’s AC in a new Oscar-bait movie due just before Christmas. Read all about it in this CTA i3 blog post here.

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Where Old TVs Go to Live

Here’s my story on Huff Post all about my visit to the Early TV Museum in Hilliard, OH.

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The Day Radio Died

The day the U.S. entered World War I a century ago, April 6, 1917, Woodrow Wilson also ended all amateur radio broadcasting in America for more than two years. I told this story on the CTA i3 Blog, which you can read here, and how the ban birthed the modern consumer electronics industry.

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My Smart Home Reporting for Gear Brain

Screenshot 2016-03-04 04.54.54

You can find the bulk of the stories I’ve been writing and will be writing on smart home technologies for Gear Brain, a new IoT site for consumers, here.

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Futurist Sci-Fi Toys Are Here Now

My report on some of the electronic and digital goodies I found wandering around Toy Fair, which you can read on Huffington Post here.

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The Best Wireless Indoor Home Security Camera

My intensive round-up of Wi-Fi security cameras for Wirecutter, which you can find here.

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5 Reasons Not To Buy A 4K TV Just Yet

More reasons to delay your purchase of a 4K TV, which you can read at Huffington Post here.

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Is Net Neutrality In Trouble?

A new administration in Washington means a new FCC commissioner, which means different communications policies, which could mean threats to an open Internet and “net neutrality.” Read why here.

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Many Monstrous Notes at CES 2017

After experiencing CES, one gets the feeling that consumers are being inundated with too much new technology, far too much to comprehend or adopt. Read why here.

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