How the Consumer Technology Industry Was Almost Never Born

What we now call the consumer technology industry was born November 30, 1920, when the first consumer electronics product, the two-piece RA-DA, the first commercially produced radio designed for the mass market, rolled off the Westinghouse assembly line in East Pittsburgh. After a two-year period of hectic technological, business and legislative/regulatory developments following the end of World War I, the Westinghouse RA-DA and the entire radio industry emerged, becoming the dominant consumer technology product for three decades. On the centennial of our industry, let’s take a look at the events of 1919-1920 that cleared the way for the future.

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Sleep Number Uses Sleep Data to Automatically Adjust Your Bed

Sleep Number has combined its 360 adjustable smart bed with its SleepIQ sleep tracking app to create a new kind of automated sleeping experience.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Exposes HDR, Video Compression Issues

“The night is dark and full of terrors” was never truer than in the Game of Thrones installment Season 8, Episode 3, “The Long Night” (aka “The Battle of Winterfell”). While viewers rapturously recapped and reviewed the episode’s heroes and villains, action scenes, thrilling climax and consequences, one complaint was constant and continuing: because the battle action took place during Westeros’ pre-dawn hours, with an added magical obscuring blizzard, it was often difficult, if not impossible, to tell what was going on.

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Review: Yale Assure Lock SL and August Connect Collusion

The Yale Assure Lock SL Connected by August is, essentially, everything you want from a smart lock. You can unlock the door with a PIN code on its touchscreen, through a single tap or with a simple voice command with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. You even get up to 250 guests codes — ideal for large families, friends, people who work in a home, or spaces used for Airbnb. A confusing set-up, however, adds a wrinkle. Our experience, hopefully, will help you bypass those issues since this is a smart lock worth considering.

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Shattering Myths Blocking Inner City Youth from High-Tech Careers

“We need to break the monopoly on college and university degrees being the only pathway to high tech jobs,” Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA asserted. “How can we create a system that’s going to allow people to quickly acquire the skills they need to get jobs in the job market?”

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Apple AirPods 2 Review: Is it worth upgrading or not?

Apple’s new AirPods 2 (left) and the original AirPods (right).

Do you own Apple’s wildly popular AirPods true wireless Bluetooth buds? If you do, you are now on the horns of an upgrade dilemma: do you step-up to the company’s second generation AirPods 2 ($199)?

At first glance, Apple’s AirPods augmentations are impressive: voice-activated Siri, Qi wireless charging, longer battery life, clearer calls, and faster iPhone-to-AirPods switching when a call comes in all point to a definitive “Sure!” switch decision. 

Not so fast, however. Your upgrade decision from the first generation to the second generation AirPods actually hinges on what you’re listening to through these devices.

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True Wireless Earbuds: AirPods and Alternatives

You may be excused if you thought that Apple’s AirPods are the first and only so-called “true wireless” earphones—completely cordless in-ear “buds” that connect both with each other and to your smartphone via Bluetooth—since their distinctive white sticks seem to be protruding from hipster ears everywhere. 

Fortunately, if you’re not an iPhone owner, or a fan of the AirPods’ distinctive look or not-necessarily one-size-fits-all fit, there is a growing number of other “true wireless” earbud choices. And in contrast with Apple’s one-for-all approach, most AirPod alternatives address specific use cases, style preferences, and budgets.

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5 Things Retailers Should Take Away From The Apple Card News

Initial reaction to Apple’s entrance into the credit card space via its Apple Card was met by the expected healthy skepticism. After all, Apple may know tech, but what does the company know about consumer credit? 

Many observers also looked askance at Apple Cards reward benefits, pointing to other similar or even more lucrative money-back programs from other more well-established card issuers.

But as those in the tech business have learned, discounting Apple’s ability to create consumer must-have craving into any market it enters — music selling, smartphones, tablets, wearables — often makes initial cynics look foolish.

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Should You Use A Consultant When Selling Through Amazon?

Anyone who has dealt with Amazon will tell you the same thing: It’s a beast. Akin to acting as your own lawyer in court, anyone who deals with Amazon by themselves has a fool for a client.

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7 ways Qualcomm’s new chip set will change your smart devices for the better

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Smart speakers can be frustrating. They’ll wake up from hearing their name uttered in casual conversation or even if it’s said on the TV. Worse, they sometimes don’t wake up at all, particularly if they’re in a noisy environment. If a smart speaker is playing music — and you’re trying to get them to stop — shouting is sometimes your only recourse. Forget asking it to then connect to an another smart device to run a routine. As with all version 1.0s, however, smart speakers are about to get smarter. And Qualcomm believes its new chip set will play a significant role.

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