Happy 100th Birthday, Consumer Technology Business

Celebrating the 100th birthday of the consumer technology industry with the story behind how and why our business came to be and of those responsible for creating it, in five parts:

Part 1: The Wireless Age

Part 2: A National Priority

Part 3: A Pittsburgh Radio Sensation

Part 4: The Birth of a Business

Part 5: “When The Public Is Ready For Mass Demand”

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How the Consumer Technology Industry Was Born

What we now call the consumer technology industry was born November 30, 1920, when the first consumer electronics product, the two-piece RA-DA, the first commercially produced radio designed for the mass market, rolled off the Westinghouse assembly line in East Pittsburgh. After a two-year period of hectic technological, business and legislative/regulatory developments following the end of World War I, the Westinghouse RA-DA and the entire radio industry emerged, becoming the dominant consumer technology product for three decades. On the centennial of our industry, let’s take a look at the events of 1919-1920 that cleared the way for the future.

Part 1: The Day Radio Died

Part 2: How the Consumer Technology Industry Was Almost Never Born

Part 3: How President Wilson Shaped the Airways

Part 4: Happy 100th Birthday To The Consumer Technology Industry

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Review of the Miele Triflex HX1 Pro Stick Vac

Vacuuming is a stop-and-go activity. You start, then you stop to pick up something off the floor. You need to move a chair. Someone calls. Your vacuuming is constantly being interrupted. But when you turn off its power to deal with the interruption, what do you do with a stick vac? For most stick vacs, you need to lean it against a wall or furniture. But Miele has completely redesigned its Triflex HX1 stick vac so it can stand up on its own in the middle of the floor.

Read the rest of this review here at Techlicious.com.

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The Best Cheap TVs to Buy Now

Sofasmattresses, perfume, wine—skimp on these and you’re likely to have regrets. TVs, though, can be bought for a low price and happily meet your “good enough” expectations without any buyer’s remorse.

In TV land, cheap usually means a set that costs less than $300, sometimes as low as $150. Except these cheap TVs are likely too small—43 inches or smaller—to satisfy your big-screen viewing desires.

Read the rest of this roundup here at Popular Mechanics.

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The 8 Best Sports TVs for Game Day

Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally one of the biggest TV-watching days of the year averaging 150 million viewers. In anticipation of the game, now’s the perfect time to replace that old TV.

Read the rest of this roundup here at Popular Mechanics.

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Review of the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Stick Vac

The LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is one of more than half a dozen stick vacuum cleaners that I’ve been testing over the last year or so. Aside from suction power (all that I’ve tested have been good enough for everyday cleaning), it’s the features, functions, and price that provide the greatest points of differentiation. For the CordZero A9, two main attributes set it apart from the competition – one pro and one con.

Read the rest of this review here at Techlicious.

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The Best Hisense TVs to Buy Now

From first-run Hollywood films to binge-worthy series, there’s lots of great stuff to watch at home. Each time you dive into an exciting movie or show, you tell yourself it’s time for a bigger, more immersive home theater TV—as long as it doesn’t cost too much. As you scour stores and sites for the best big-screen TV bargains from all the well-known brands, you may have stumbled across inexpensive models from this unfamiliar company: Hisense. Chances are you probably thought…um, Hi-who? If Hisense isn’t on your radar, if the name seems a bit too…generic, or if the prices seem too impossibly low for a quality TV, I’m able to set your mind at ease. Hisense TVs are the real deal.

Read the rest of this roundup here at Popular Mechanics.https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gear/g38805388/best-hisense-tvs/

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Executive Insight: Howard’s Riddle Shares Insights Into Pandemic Trends

How will the experience dealing with Covid thus far help retailers deal with these current pandemic conditions? What lessons are likely to carry forward beyond the current Covid crisis? Are there differences between how entertainment and home office device retailers and how appliance retailers fared during this challenging period, and how they deal with heath-concerned customers?

Read the rest of this interview with Howard’s CEO John Riddle here at TWICE.com.

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SmartTechCheck Podcast: CES 2022

My January 12, 2022, appearance (S02 E01) on the weekly SmartTechCheck podcast with host Mark Vena and fellow tech reporters John Quain and Rob Pegoraro. This week we recap CES 2022 and discuss TV buying tips before the Super Bowl.

Watch the video of the podcast here, or

listen to the audio here.

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‘Industry Stalwart’ Robert Heiblim Dies

Long-time consumer technology executive, consultant, and CTA committee chair and division head Robert Heiblim, 69, died last Friday, January 7, after a long battle with cancer.

Read the rest of this obit for my friend Robert Heiblim at TWICE.com here.

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My CES 2022 Coverage

Here is my coverage of CES 2022.

See “Space Tech: CES 2022’s Final Frontier” on page 34, in the CES Day 1 Show Daily here;

See “Qualcomm Bows Wider Snapdragon…” on page 14, and “What Tech Trends Will ‘Matter’ In 2022” on page 28 in the CES Day 2 Show Daily here;

See “Fintech Democratizes the Financial System” on page 16, and “Technology Helped Companies Survive 2021 Challenges” on page page 74 of the CES Day 3 Show Daily here.

I also participated in choosing and writing some of the Techlicious Top Picks of CES 2022 Awards here.

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Review of the Dyson V15 Detect Stick Vac

Dyson justifiably carries the reputation as the cordless stick vacuum king-of-the-hill, the brand all other stick vac makers aim at. Dyson’s latest are its V15 Detect ($699.99) and V15 Detect Plus ($749.99) models, which maintain Dyson’s premier stick vac reputation.

Read the rest of this review here at Techlicious.com.

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